Rock the Garden Party :

 Last Sunday , I was invited to the coolest garden party ever, thrown by a very close buddy. After ages , I really  dressed up....though just a fortnight back , I had week long celebrations of a cousin's wedding , but this is different  😊
         what better way to let loose...great food , awesome soul stirring music , wonderful company in the lap of nature. ...This is pure bliss. All my friends were dressed for the ocassion, ready to chill. I wore this beautiful floral print dress from and used my pretty rainbow necklace as headgear. For day time events and parties like brunch, potluck or garden ones keep your make up minimal....just a dash of blusher, some kohl and a bright hue of lipstick and you are done for the day.  Remember - Less is more .
  Have a good a some of the pictures taken there :

Dress -
Head band -
Clutch- Lv Paris
Shoes -
Bracelets -
Belt - Hermes


Love this look and cool idea of using necklace as a headgear 😁
Ruchi Singh Rao said…
Hey ! Beautiful....thanks .

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