Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why every girl should read Sonam Kapoor's open letter about beauty !

Sonam Kapoor, our fashion queen, has always been known to be very vocal and opinionated. She has been slammed quite a few times for being a motormouth that she is. But this time she has hit the bull's eye, with an open letter talking on her weight issues, body shaming among others. Here's some excerpts from it-

Like every girl, I spent many nights through adolescence leaning into my bedroom mirror, wondering why my body looked nothing like it should.
Why does my belly crease? Why do my arms jiggle? Why am I not fair? Why are there dark patches under my eyes? Why am I taller than boys my age? Do stretch marks ever go away? Will this cellulite stay forever?
“Itni lambi, itni kaali,” a relative casually let slip at a family gathering. “Shaadi kaun karega?” It confirmed that my greatest insecurities were well-founded.

Two years and some surprising life decisions later, Sanjay Leela Bhansali cast me in Saawariya.
Despite being on the cusp of actually being a movie star, I didn’t believe I looked the part. I constantly worried that, if asked to dance in a backless choli, rolls of back fat would give me away as an imposter to the industry. Nobody lines up to buy tickets to see cellulite.

Of course, scrutiny of female bodies isn’t new, or even restricted to celebrities. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve ever been called “healthy” by a relative, or been given unsolicited advice by a friend about how to lose weight.
Raise your hand if you were told to stay out of the sun so you don’t get dark.
Raise your hand if you started hating your body after somebody else told you how.

We’ve been taught that women need to be flawless even when our flawlessness is wildly implausible, sexy even when our sexiness is a break from plot. We're sprinting through Jurassic Park in heels, fighting supervillains in strapless corsets, being stranded on deserted islands for days without a hint of stubble. Real female bodies are so taboo that hair-removal-cream ads show hairless legs even before the cream is applied.

Today, at 31, I like my body because it’s healthy. I’m done celebrating thinness or flawlessness. I’ve embraced a fit lifestyle, clean eating, and the pursuit of waking up every morning feeling energised. There’s beauty in good health.So, for every teen girl leaning into her bedroom mirror, wondering why she doesn’t look like a celebrity: Please know that nobody wakes up like this. Not me. Not any other actress. (Not even BeyoncĂ©. I swear.)

Here’s the real deal: Before each public appearance, I spend 90 minutes in a makeup chair. Three to six people work on my hair and makeup, while a professional touches up my nails. My eyebrows are tweezed and threaded every week. There’s concealer on parts of my body that I could never have predicted would need concealing.
I’m up at 6am every day and at the gym by 7:30. I exercise for 90 minutes and, some evenings, again before bed. It’s someone’s full-time job to decide what I can and cannot eat. There are more ingredients in my face packs than in my food. There’s a team dedicated to finding me flattering outfits.
After all that, if I’m still not “flawless” enough, there are generous servings of Photoshop.
I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it: It takes an army, a lot of money, and an incredible amount of time to make a female celebrity look the way she does when you see her. It isn’t realistic, and it isn’t anything to aspire to.
This article was written by Sonam Kapoor for Buzzfeed

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Celebrating Fatherhood

On the occasion of Father's Day last month, I was invited to witness a COOK OFF. This event was presented by Mr Vickrham of FoodManiacs and  Ms Aditi Malhotra of Ikreate in collabration with Crowne plaza, Gurgaon. Siddharth Malhotra, the star of Masterchef season 5 and Executive Chef Nilesh Dev were invited to judge this challenge. Here, the contestants ranged from sweet little children to young men and women. But one thing that was common among the contestants was that they were  honouring the 'Best Man' in their life, their Father.



The contestants were given 10 minutes to get all the ingredients from the store and the time for cooking was 1 hour. Each contest was given an individual work station with necessary equipments. Here are some pictures of the amazing dishes....

The points were given on presentation, innovation and taste of the dish. It was a difficult task for the judges to select the winner. Mr Sandeep Batra who made Gol Mirch Chicken and Mrs Rita Arora who made Chicken Roulade were declared joint winners.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why is it so important to love yourself !

I love this video and watch it often.....every time it leaves me kinda amused, when you will see it yourself , only then would you realize what I meant. Generally,  most of us are self critical and many a times we may never tell someone but in our heart we have very negative thoughts about ourselves) . This is just about that....

Here , a few women are asked to describe themselves to an artist, who sits with his back towards them and even a curtain in between. Each women is asked to describe herself and based on her description the artist creates a sketch. The artist makes another portrait of the women based on someone else's description of them and Voila !!!!

The difference is remarkable....see it to believe it !!

Though , you would love what you see, but deep down it raises a few questions. What we think about ourselves ?  Is beauty just that...superficial ! When we are asked about beauty,  all we think of are actors and models. They are all about peaches n cream complexion, perfect features,  svelte bod, glossy hair, radiant eyes.....of course ! This is beauty for us and in  comparision we, the lesser mortals, fall flat on our faces. American supermodel Cindy Crawford once said , "even I don't look like Cindy Crawford". Yes ! She did say it . The people in entertainment and glamour world are beautiful, no doubt. But so are you ....God has made us all so unique, so different from the other that there's just one you ( In a population of billions you are one of your kind, just imagine!). Embrace it ! Whether you are tall or short , thin or not-so-thin, dark or fair , blonde or brunette ...you are you...unique in your own ways...so just LOVE YOURSELF!
                                                    Love yourself ,

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

Is there anything I didn't like about this place? Absolutely nothing! I love everything about this place - the decor, ambience, location and above all the food. If I say, that this place indeed surprised me, wouldn't be an exaggeration. Yes! I went there with minimal expections as I had been to quite some places that claimed to bring authentic taste of a particular region and the claims fell flat when the food was tasted but not at YETI - The Himalayan Kitchen. It really serves the authentic cuisine of the Himalayan Kingdom. Each and every dish served here simply 'WOW'. They have kept it simple and organic- no rich creamy gravies and all, this is clean food 

What I ate and loved -

                                 Veg momos - Who doesn't crave for a plate of momos in the rains?

             Aloo momos - This is a must try. Aloo is stuffed in a dumpling and served with a dip. It's super yumm!

        Mushroom in black bean sauce - I am not very fond of mushroom but this dish was tasty especially the              sauce

                  Veg platter was a total hit...it had black chana, aloo and waiwai with steamed bread 

         Veg thakali thali - A paneer preparation aloo, rai ka saag,daal is served with a steamed bread. It is              wholesome, delicious and comforting. Simple yet flavourful.

     Yomari -  I have a major sweet tooth and loved digging my teeth into nutella filled dumplings with icecream.

     What an end to the scrumptious lunch. Highly recommended.

Food - Raasta - A Review

This absolutely rocking place is a go-to joint if you would like to chill out with friends and family. The decor is reminiscent of the Rastafarian culture which originated in Jamaica in the 1930's and Rasta- inspired raggae musicians like Bob Marley.

Let's talk about food-

                I am a coffee lover and this weather calls for some yummy cold coffee and indeed it was....

Paneer Faffa - This is a veg version of their USP dish which is Chicken Faffa. I loved it absolutely. It's a musy try.

                                  Jalapeno Cheese Cigars were yummy, crispy and oh-so cheesy.

                  Dylan's Galouti is a Carribean version of galouti kebabs and was melt in the mouth.

                         Red Thai curry with rice is my go to comfort food and enjoyed every bite.

Margherita Pizza & Alfredo pasta were ordered according to the kids choice and they completely enjoyed it. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Review- Chefs Kitchen


Yesterday, was one such day when I was craving for rich mughlai food. So, thought of trying a new joint....


I ordered Tandoori chicken which was awesome, full of flavours and cooked to perfection.

Veg Platter which was an assortment of kebabs-
 paneer tikka, soya kebabs, dahi kebabs and stuffed aloo. Paneer tikka was too good...melt in the mouth kind and the stuffing in aloo was very nice.

Loved the Kadhai paneer and Malai kofta. 

I would also like to mention the portion size, which is quite a lot.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Curry Company - A Review

All my friends were raving about the delicious food from curry company so I thought of giving it a try when I had some guests over for dinner.

I ordered paneer tikka which was flavoursome and spicy.

Shammi kebabs were perfectly spiced and melt in the mouth.

Malai chicken tikka which was succulent and marinated to perfection.

Dal Makhni and kadhai paneer were perfect, neither too spicy nor bland.

I especially loved their Sabz biryani which was accompanied with raita and onions.

Phirni was super yummy..

What I really liked about the curry company is the ease of placing order, prompt delivery and excellent packaging. They are very economical too.

Highly Recommended

Why every girl should read Sonam Kapoor's open letter about beauty !

Sonam Kapoor, our fashion queen, has always been known to be very vocal and opinionated. She has been slammed quite a f...