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Is Detox Water Good For You !

These days no conversation is complete without the inclusion of a few words like toxins, anti oxidants, detox, organic n so on......I call them "flavour of the season" words. And, they are rightly so, after every few months a new terminology makes it to your "conversation starter" list. Isn't it???  Most of my friends especially the ones who wants to lose a few pounds fast are on a new fad -The Detox Water. Detox water So, What Is Detox Water As most of you are aware, we need to drink around 8 - 10 glasses of water each day to keep us hydrated as well as keep your vital organs healthy.  Here, You don't have to drink plain water  but add "something" to it. It could be a fruit, vegetable, seeds, leaves etc depending on your choice. These adds flavours to plain water. Some people find it difficult to drink plain water and always reach for colas/juices/tea/coffee. Detox water are boon for such individuals.  Also, water has

A Black Affaire !!

Hey! My lovelies, This is Valentine's week and most of you would be gearing up for the D-day in panache. Generally, Red is considered to be the colour of love and passion and so most of the girls prefer red. What to you like??? Well, we still have a few days for that.... Anyways, last week was pretty hectic with work but still managed to have a few fun moments with my girlies.....we went to The Chocolate Room, MGF Metropolitan, and literally had a blast. We overstuffed ourselves with chocolate and more chocolate. Else, how would you explain ordering dessert for starters, drinks, main course and ofcourse ! Desserts. Yup !😉 And, I do have a confession to make.....whenever I go out with my friends, We simply get so engrossed in talking, laughing and chilling out that we literally forget clicking pictures. So, you would not get to see the amazing delicacies we savoured !! Sorry😥 To make up for that I am sharing a new outfit, not bribing It's still windy and