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Polka dots

All of us have that little girl in her, how much ever old she is. And there are a few things that almost all girls love, across ages : pinks, candy floss, cuddly bears and of course polka.                 Polka's is an evergreen thing, never out of vogue and it's a must have in every fashionista's wardrobe. If you think they are too girlie, try something out of box, be creative and make your own fashion statement. The polka dotted bag that you see in the outfit post is not even a is a multi utilitarian kit filled with goodies as a return gift to kids, for a birthday party I attended. I had a look at the bag and was totally smitten by it. My favourite colour combo of blue, red and white with playful polka imprints, was like a treat to sore eyes and I immediately knew I had to do an outfit post on this one.          I really love to put up looks that are quirky and involves creativity not just randomly buying the "in" things and put