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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why is it so important to love yourself !

I love this video and watch it often.....every time it leaves me kinda amused, when you will see it yourself , only then would you realize what I meant. Generally,  most of us are self critical and many a times we may never tell someone but in our heart we have very negative thoughts about ourselves) . This is just about that....

Here , a few women are asked to describe themselves to an artist, who sits with his back towards them and even a curtain in between. Each women is asked to describe herself and based on her description the artist creates a sketch. The artist makes another portrait of the women based on someone else's description of them and Voila !!!!

The difference is remarkable....see it to believe it !!

Though , you would love what you see, but deep down it raises a few questions. What we think about ourselves ?  Is beauty just that...superficial ! When we are asked about beauty,  all we think of are actors and models. They are all about peaches n cream complexion, perfect features,  svelte bod, glossy hair, radiant eyes.....of course ! This is beauty for us and in  comparision we, the lesser mortals, fall flat on our faces. American supermodel Cindy Crawford once said , "even I don't look like Cindy Crawford". Yes ! She did say it . The people in entertainment and glamour world are beautiful, no doubt. But so are you ....God has made us all so unique, so different from the other that there's just one you ( In a population of billions you are one of your kind, just imagine!). Embrace it ! Whether you are tall or short , thin or not-so-thin, dark or fair , blonde or brunette are you...unique in your own just LOVE YOURSELF!
                                                    Love yourself ,

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lavender Love

Hey !!! Have you ever thought ..... What is the colour of love? Red .....u say promptly. Errr maybe pink...Most people associate these two colours with love. That's the reason we generally wear reds on Valentine's day.  For me Lavender is the colour of's dreamy, classy and oh-so-elegant. English Lavender is a treat for sore eyes.

Here, I have teamed my Lavender skirt with black tunic. Though Lavender looks equally great with white and is a awesome combo for these sunny days. Black adds charm and character to this beautiful skater skirt from faballey.  I wore a dull oxidised gold neckpiece and black pumps with it.  
Would love to hear from you.....what say guys!!!!

Black tunic - jabong
Lavender skater skirt - faballey
pumps - fashionandyou
Necklace- 20 dresses
Bag - Louis Vuitton

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Tangerine Sunday

Hi! Lovelies,
How are you doing ? Yesterday, it rained a bit so it's pretty pleasant today. I remembered that I haven't done an outfit post in the longest time and Sunday being Sunday,  what better time than now.....
I am wearing a tangerine maxi top to compliment the beautiful day along with my fave monochrome skirt. There's something about black & white's classy and always lends a beautiful aura to you. Paired it with wedges for the comfort factor and accessorised it with a silver tasselled neckpiece..

pics - Mehak Rao
Glares - Gucci
Top -
Skirt -
wedges - charles & keith
Neckpiece -

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is Detox Water Good For You !

These days no conversation is complete without the inclusion of a few words like toxins, anti oxidants, detox, organic n so on......I call them "flavour of the season" words. And, they are rightly so, after every few months a new terminology makes it to your "conversation starter" list. Isn't it??? 
Most of my friends especially the ones who wants to lose a few pounds fast are on a new fad -The Detox Water.

Detox water

So, What Is Detox Water

As most of you are aware, we need to drink around 8 - 10 glasses of water each day to keep us hydrated as well as keep your vital organs healthy.  Here, You don't have to drink plain water but add "something" to it. It could be a fruit, vegetable, seeds, leaves etc depending on your choice. These adds flavours to plain water. Some people find it difficult to drink plain water and always reach for colas/juices/tea/coffee. Detox water are boon for such individuals. 
Also, water has immense benefits and adding vitamins and minerals rich fruits only adds to it. 

Benefits of Water

- Removes waste
- purifies blood
- strong immune system 
- healthy skin and hair
- balance PH
- helps in weight loss

Popular Infused/ Detox Water Recipes

- Lemon & Mint Water

This is the most popular infusion and is aptly called "king of detox water" . The major ingredients are mint and lemon. Lemon is abundant in vitamin C and adds zing to water whereas mint is cooling and refreshing. Lemon is also known for its "weight- loss" properties. Ginger helps relieves body aches, cramps and indigestion. It is anti inflammatory too.

Lemon Mint Detox Water

1 Litre Water
1 Lemon (sliced)
8-10 Mint Leaves
1 Tsp Ginger (grated)
Put all the ingredients together and let it stand overnight. Serve the next day.

- Cucumber Lemon Water

It is a classic recipe which is great in taste and is an ultimate detox drink. Cucumber are rich in fiber and water thus helps avoid water retention. Lemon as you know help flush out toxins.

1  Litre Water
1/2 Cucumber (sliced)
1  Lemon(sliced)
4-5 Mint leaves
Allow the ingredients to sit in for a couple of hours before serving.

- Fruity Detox Water

This delicious detox infusion has strawberries and oranges. Both Strawberry snd orange are full of vitamins. Strawberries are anti carcinogenic and anti ageing whereas oranges helps overcome nausea.

1 Litre Water
2 Strawberry (chopped)
1 Orange (sliced)
All ingredients should be allowed to sit for 3 - 4 hours atleast before drinking.

Favourite Combos

You can add fruits of your choice and make your very own detox water right in your kitchen. The popular combos are
Strawberry + Mint
Raspberry + Lime
Pineapple + Mint
Raspberry +Pineapple 
Grapes + Mint
Apple + cinnamon

Favourite Combos

Tough, it is debatable if these infusion aids in weight loss but they are full of flavours, tasty and even fulfills your water requirement. Next time when you are thirsty, rather than gulping down a calorie laden drink, go for these delectable delights.

pic - pinterest

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Black Affaire !!

Hey! My lovelies,

This is Valentine's week and most of you would be gearing up for the D-day in panache. Generally, Red is considered to be the colour of love and passion and so most of the girls prefer red. What to you like???

Well, we still have a few days for that....

Anyways, last week was pretty hectic with work but still managed to have a few fun moments with my girlies.....we went to The Chocolate Room, MGF Metropolitan, and literally had a blast. We overstuffed ourselves with chocolate and more chocolate. Else, how would you explain ordering dessert for starters, drinks, main course and ofcourse ! Desserts. Yup !😉

And, I do have a confession to make.....whenever I go out with my friends, We simply get so engrossed in talking, laughing and chilling out that we literally forget clicking pictures. So, you would not get to see the amazing delicacies we savoured !! Sorry😥

To make up for that I am sharing a new outfit, not bribing
It's still windy and temperatures are still a bit low so another shot at #winterdressing ....have a look:)

Pic Credits - Mehak

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Blues { n Reds & Whites }

After a fairly pleasant December and the new year, winter woes hit us and hit really hard around the second week of Jan. The temperatures dipped to 11-12 degrees in the day and dived down to  single digit in the night #Dillikisardi ......

        All one wants in this time of the year, is to snuggle in the cosy bed with lots of books and cups of coffee #Blissful. And that's what I really did....

I haven't done an outfit post in the longest time and was missing the fun. I decided to do a shoot inspite of the chilly winds. Generally, we associated winters with dark hues and wear shades of black, navy, grey but for me winters is #RedandWhite. I love wearing white and those who have been following my blog knows my penchant for this exotic shade.

I wore a midi sweater dress in white which had a delicate pearl work with red stockings and my statement pumps in red, white and blue worn HERE earlier.  Also I accessorised it with the multi coloured neck piece and polka dotted bag worn HERE

Photo credits : Mehak

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twilight summers

Hi !!! All, how are you guys doing? Enjoying the festivities, ehh ....well, this is the most beautiful time of the year, the official "patakha time". Diwali is just around the corner and we are already in the midst of celebrations....aren't we??  This is "that" time of the year, when gambling is in vogue or how would you explain about the numerous cards party, you are invited to.... 

Most of the time, all of us are in our ethnic best... Sarees, ghaghras, shararas, anarkalis ..........Of course ! We love dressing up for the evening in the traditional attire, for a sessions of cards with the bubbly flowing. But, that's for the evening/ night, where being a bit "overdressed" works fine as with Indian wear, you need to wear some jewellery  like a pair of earrings or a neck piece or a maang tikka/ passa with cocktail ring thrown in. 

In-between, we have our girlfriends bash, which are a day thing like brunch, lunch, tambola party, card session with potluck etc where you really wanna let loose and chill out. For such do's, you need to wear an outfit which is chic and stylish, comfortable and lively but certainly not an OTT ( over the top). For a brunch cum card party this weekend, this is what I wore. For those who follow my blog, can vouch for my love for capes......I firmly believe a cape/ shrug/ jacket has the ability to make or break an outfit. Below, is an example for all to see. A simple skater dress in lace by Jabong is so beautifully enhanced by this ankle length floral cape (The pretty girls Korner ).  A pair of nude heels, and an oversized glares are all you need to "kill it". 

P.s - I thought of wearing the spring summer fave FLORALS, for one last time before the winter sets in.

Friday, October 9, 2015

10 reasons to love Olive Oil

So wassup, guys!!! How are you doing? Me, I am good.

These days wherever I go, one topic literally crops up everywhere....Olive Oil. I guess, it's a current favorite with everyone. No discussion is complete without the mention of it. The old wives tale goes on to say  that it's a blessing from heaven to the mankind. And, why not ?  It has been used since time immemorial, for health and beauty purpose. Olive is a native of the Mediterranean. It forms an integral part of the mediterranean cuisine. It is also used extensively for cosmetic purpose. Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, was a great patron of olive oil. This  beautiful fruit has unrivaled health and cosmetic benefits.

1. It is a great cooking medium and comes in various forms like olive oil, virgin ,extra virgin, cold pressed etc.
2. It has linolinic acid which is not produced by the body but is essential for hydration.

3. It is a great anti aging agent and is an abundant source of anti oxidants.

4. This golden liquid works wonders on scars especially stretch marks. Regular massaging helps lighten the marks.

5. Is a great anti frizz agent . It could be massaged on your hair 30 minutes prior to washing for amazing results. Works wonders when combined with honey and applied on hair. Makes your locks luscious and amazingly soft.

6. Mix it with sugar and you have a great face and body scrub.

7. It could be used as a massaging oil to help you relax as well as to removing the suntan

8. It works wonders for dry scaly skin, prone to eczema.

9. It makes a great make up cleanser.

10.  Taking a sip or two just before bedtime could help in clearing throat.

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