Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sharper Than A Sword - Talvar

" Ma! Can I sleep in my room, tonight "? Prodded my 5 year old angelic daughter. No ! Came a firm reply from me. But, "Ma! I am big enough", please, she pleaded. " Of course ! You can" said hubby shree (that's what I call my husband), taking her in his arms. After putting our darling daughter to sleep, Hubby shree walks in, rather upset....why can't you get over 'that case', it's been years, he said.

' That case ' referred to the Arushi Talwar's murder case, which was still firmly etched in my memory or for that matter everyone's memory. So was the impact of this killing, that I never let my baby sleep alone, even years later.  "What if ", was always on my mind.... It's not that the Nation had not witnessed a more sordid murder before, they had. But, this was the murkiest unsolved murder in recent times. 

It was the summer of  '08, a gruesome double murder, captured the imagination of the entire nation. A 14 year old girl and her house help are killed, within the confines of her home. A highly botched up investigation, heavy media scrutiny, and yet, no answer to the question -
"who killed Arushi Talwar"???

I had followed this case very closely, and anyone who had, could vouch for a fact that "no one could imagine taking on the subject without being prejudiced". We all had our own opinions and had declared the verdicts, much before the courts. Isn't it?

So, when I was invited, to preview "Talvar", I went ahead with my preformed views. I knew the case well enough to form my opinion, what new could they tell ?? But, I was in for a surprise...

Coming from the stable of Vishal Bhardwaj, the credibility of "Talvar" was unquestionable, but hats off to Meghana Gulzar and Vishal Bhardwaj for being sincere, unbiased and bang-on facts. The movie is crisp and fast paced. Stellar performances from Irrfan Khan, Konkana sen and company, keep you hooked till the end.  It shows how a shoddy investigation could ruin the whole case, how sometimes the "egos" of investigating officer is bigger than their "duty" and the loop holes in our judicial system. This movie is unlike any regular Bollywood potboiler, devoid of music and dance routine and unnecessary drama. So, if you are a patron of ' good cinema ' , this one's for you.

Unveiling the most sordid murder mystery, in the history of the country. Will you get answers to your question ......well, go watch #TalvarThisFriday.

To have a glimpse of what's in store for you, have a look HERE

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Be a Diva all year round

Hey!! Peeps, i m ecstatic to let you know, this is my 100th blog post. I am very happy and will soon be announcing a huge giveaway.....remain hooked to know the deets !!!

And so  a special post for you guys.

  How should you dress to be 'diva' , all year through. Well, there are a few staples....yes ! There are and yours truly, is going to discuss 10 things that makes you stand out and dress as a winner,always.

1. White Shirt And Denim

One cannot go wrong with this combo - a white shirt/ tee with blue denims. Change the accessories and you have a new look each time.
- add a sleek red belt, red heels and red lipstick and you will be the cynosure of all eyes during clubbing or your girl's night out.
- wear nude/ tan flats for that laid back relaxed look.
- wear it with sneakers and you are good to go for movie, shopping, grabbing a quick bite.

2. LBD

A must have, no fashionista's closet is complete without this. And most of the time more than one. When in doubt, wear black. Your little ( no so little also ) black dress works when everything else fails. You are feeling bloated coz of PMS, or are super tanned and had no time for parlor hopping, or even when you have a bad hair day, black works well. It has this unique ability of disguising your flaws and revealing your assets.

3. Button down skirt

A button down skirt is an evergreen trend and can be passed on from a mom to her daughter. It adds that girly sophistication.

4. Georgette maxi dress in florals

Though it suits almost all frames, Maxi dress is a curvy Girl's best friend. Especially the ones in free flowing fabrics like georgette or chiffons. Wear a bright floral piece and you are sorted. It can be worn for a lunch date, taking your kids out and even for the sundowners, where you are ready to let your hair down.

5. Lace shift dress

A shift dress flatters every body type and lace enhances that effect, making you stand out coz of pure elegance. It can be worn through the day from morning to night. For a casual day look, pair it with flats. For a night out, add striking heels in contrast.

6. Pencil skirt 

It ups your glam quotient immediately. It is a great work wear too. Every stylista needs to have at least two of these :
- one in dark hues of black, navy or grey 
- bright shades like blue, pink or red.

7. High heels in nude and black and a statement print

For formal occasion or parties, you need that perfect pair of heels. Black is one colour that generally works well for formal attires. So your black pumps,will more often than not, go with most of your outfits. And with the rest, nude heels look kickass.

8. Statement Jewellery

It is that one piece that stands out. It could be your solitaire earrings or your semi precious stoned necklace. Wear just one statement piece at a time.

9. Jacket/ Cape/ Shrugs

I adore capes, shrugs and jackets. These have the power to make an ordinary dress look like a million bucks. As always, layering works well as it provide much need texture to the attire and makes you look like a diva.

10. Bags
Here are a few of them from my look book.

The more, the merrier....but one should have at least one each of these
- a clutch in a metallic shade
- a potli bag in Indian embroidery or fabric
- a sling bage in neutrals
- a big tote maybe in black/ brown

Incorporate these pieces in your wardrobe and be the Diva, you always wanted to be. Additionally, remember to WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE !!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

10 Must Have Shoes For Every Fashionista

Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe famously quoted "give a girl, the right shoes and she can conquer the world". And it holds true in every sense of the word. Shoes are quintessential to a great wardrobe. They can make or break your outfit.
Well, you can have as many number of shoes in your closet but there are a few essential ones......

The 10 must have shoes are -

1. Classic Black Pumps - No closet is complete without a pair of black pumps. They are an absolute classic and goes with a lot of your formal attires. Looks great with trousers, skirts and even Sarees.

2. Nude Heels - love Lady like sophistication, opt for nude heels. This pair goes with everything, denims, skirts, dresses.

3. Statement Print - everyone must own a pair of statement shoes. Statement shoes have the unique ability to make you stand out and shine bright.

4. Oxfords - an oxfords in tan works well with Friday dressing or when you know, you need to be on your toes, for hours together in office. Pair them with comfy ankle length trousers.

5. Espadrilles - a must have for today's women, whose on a run. They look super chic, and stylish and and so 'in vogue'.

6. Flatform Flats - want to add that girly charm with elegance, try these.

7. Neon Peeptoes - to add that 'zing' effect and spruce up a simple monotone dress.

8. Wedges - wedges can take you through the day without compromising on your 'style quotient'. They go particularly well with Maxi dresses, palazzos and flared denims.

9. Basic Flat Sandals - specially in tan/ nude. Flat sandals are your 'go - to' shoes. They go with all your casual outfits. Your feet will surely 'thank you' for these. You can opt for tie-ups to go a few notches up on the style radar.

10. Knee Length Boots - a fave for Fall. It is super chic, glamorous and provides that much  needed warmth in the chills.

If you have these, you are good to go, every day of the year.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Coffee ! anyone ??

 Every girl wants to have a supersoft, supple and glowing skin. After all skin, is the largest organ of the human body and the most visible one too. We spend so much money to buy the best scrubs and packs and not to mention the hefty sum we pay when we visit the spa / parlour for deep cleaning and scrubbing.
Imagine, if you were able to achieve the same results with a fraction of cost. Not possible....you may think. Of course! It is. Here's presenting to you - 



- Coffee - 1 cup ( I used the coffee powder from Starbucks, you can use any brand Nescafe, bru )
- olive oil - 1/2 cup
- sugar - 1 cup ( granular sugar not powdered ones ) 
- cinnamon powder - 1 tbsp

 Mix all these ingredients in a glass or plastic bowl and keep it in an airtight jar preferably in a refrigerator. You could keep it at room temperature as well. 


This can be used as a face as well as a body scrub. Moisten your face and body with water and then take a bit of mixture and scrub in circular motion. Pay special attention to parts like elbows and knees. Use light hands and do not rub vigorously. 


 Coffee is known to tighten your skin and lessen the appearance of cellulite giving it a firm texture. 
Olive oil in the scrub moisturises your skin leaving it super supple.
Sugar granules acts as a mild scrub which exfoliates the skin removing the dull dead skin, giving your skin a youthful appearance.
Cinnamon - powdered cinnamon is added to spice up the scrub.

The result is spa like at a throwaway price. Make this super effective and super easy scrub, call your friends over and enjoy a Spa sojourn at home....muah 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Bad Hair Day - No Probs !

Imagine, you have to attend a hi-fashion event, a preview of A/W collection of a  famous High street label and you haven't washed your hair in 3 days. Your crowing glory is dull, limp, messy and greesy ......worried??? I am not.... Why....have a look at the pics and decide....

 Have a bad hair day??  Wear a Bandana, make a high ponytail, do a side braid, or a messy bun and you are sorted. Remember, nobody knows that your tresses needed a wash, everyone  who looks at you, thinks its your fashion statement.

                  So, alway WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE !!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

In love with my threadcasa pouch

Sometimes, you get a small little gift, which becomes a prized possession, you don't want to part with..... Has it ever happened to you?

 Well, as I had told you earlier, there is a lot happening, on my blogging front.....I became a part of TWC. It is a community of travel wizards, new and old, having the common passion for wandering and living life exploring our exotic planet. We had our first meeting on a beautiful rainy day, in the last week of July. There, among other gifts, was this small little pouch that stole my heart, the moment I set my eyes on it.

 I am a great admirer of Indian textiles and crafts and this pouch was a great example of how you can incorporate Indian stuff in a contemporary style. It is made of cotton, in ikat print and has some subtle thread work on it. It is a utilitarian stuff and can be used on a daily basis to keep your mobile and petty cash, especially when you run errands or go on your morning walks. I donned it for a brunch that I attended with my besties....

You can find the products on Here

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