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How to look slim during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful time in a life of a women. You glow as a result of your inner happiness. You are excited, to be carrying your "little bundle of joy" inside you. It is sheer bliss and joy.....         But a lot of women are anxious about their growing bellies. Yes, you get bigger by day and gain a considerable amount of weight. A lot of women complain, they "have nothing to wear" or they "look like a sac". Remember ! Pregnancy is not a disease and it will last for only nine months. You can look as stylish and gorgeous, as you are by Keeping these simple tips in mind -  1. Don't wear oversized clothes : wearing big clothes to hide your pregnant belly is passé, flaunt your new curves. Oversized clothes makes you look bigger than you are.  2. Monotones : Wearing contrasting colours as top and bottom, visually cuts your body into two, making you look shorter than you are. Instead, opt for monotones, that is the  top and the

Black Swan

Remember, the 2010 blockbuster movie by the name Black swan, where Natalie Portman played a ballerina. Natalie Portman swept all the major awards including the prestigious Academy Award for the best actress that year. I loved that movie and was mesmerized by Portman, I must confess..... But, why am I talking about the movie, you guys must be wondering!!!, the post that I am doing takes an inspiration from there..... No, I didn't do it on purpose, but the moment I donned that beautiful black long slit top, I felt like a Diva. Sometimes, a simple piece of clothing can have that impact on you. As far as this top is considered, I got this from THE PRETTY GIRLZ KORNER, the start up retailing through some top notch e-com sites, bringing stylish stuff for affordable pricing.  Black has this beautiful quality to create a slimming silhouette. The long slits in the middle and sides adds sophistication while the zipper in gold lends it a royale charm. And it fitted lik

Sunshine and a rainbow

Hey ! Peeps, How are you doing ? Me, I am happy and very excited ! Lots have been happening, of late. Especially related to my blogging .....will divulge the deets later on. The last month was supergood and attended a lot of blogging events including Word up by Indiblogger. Inbetween, I was laid down with a bout of fever and sinusitis. So, there's so much work pending. And of course! I am revamping my website to this new swanky looking one. I think it should be up in next 10 days...ecstatic!!!! If you love rains, just head for Delhi. There has been torrential rains for last month and half. The pot holes and water lodging would give you that extra adrenalin rush during your rain adventure ...lolz. So, I decided to play this little Miss Sunshine amidst the rains and rainbows. Sunshine yellow is a great colour for this weather. It brings about that extra glow during the dull and gloomy days. I love Indian hand embroideries and the dress that I am wearing has phulkari, which is a t

Finding the perfect crop top for curvy girls

Crop tops are a rage now, a must-have in every fashionista's list. And being the in-vogue girl that I am ,I too wanted it in my wardrobe. But there was a catch ...." I am voluptuous " and was a bit skeptical as crop top shows a bit of midriff and is not very flattering if you aren't "the wash board abs" type. It was a difficult task ahead ... . But , I found my perfect piece rather soon....I was randomly surfing one of my favourite Online  shopping sites and I came across this one. I ordered it instantly. And I got it the next day ....yayyy!!! Hurriedly , I tried it and wow! It fitted fine. There are a few things to be kept in mind when buying a crop top - - don't but the bralet/ bustier is merciless for girls with curves. - buy in dark hue if you are top heavy. - preferably buy one with sleeves because anyways your mid section shows. - go for boxy type which are a bit loose and add a cool casual touch to your attire

Trend alert - Denim skirt

A trend which is making it's way back in our wardrobes with  aplomb is the denim skirt. And I am more than happy . Denims is quintessentially the most loved and worn piece of garment , across the globe. It has a young , peppy, cool feel to it. It got lost somewhere in the vast array of dresses , maxis, skirts but now it is a huge trend . Designer from Paris to Milan are experimenting with it . It is a must - have item in your closet for spring summer 2015. Denim skirt can be - paired with a cool tee , sneakers and a sling bag for the cool comfy look. - wear a lace blouse and gladiators for chic look . - team it up with a shirt and heels and you are good to go clubbing. - can also pair it with crop top and wedges for a date / lunch with friends. - you can experiment with the length as well keeping up with your comfort level. But knee length is the most preferred and it suits almost everyone. - denims look especially 'cool' when paired with whites....a com