Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just a Click Away

Parenting is a the most challenging job that I have recruited myself for. Sounds isn't. Being a mother is like running a government, where challenges are thrown at you every second and by the very people you love the most in the world, your little big hunny bunnies.

                       Sometime back, my dear darling daughter wanted to go on a 5 days adventure trip to Corbett. The school had made it mandatory for every student of 5th grade to attend it. And my little girl was way too excited to go on an excursion with school friends and that too for 5 long days. I tried my best to dissuade her, to the extent of bribing her, but in vain. I felt as if a volcano has erupted in my brain, a volcano of thousand questions. She had never gone alone anywhere, not even for a single day! How is she going to manage all that ? Who will take care of her ? What if something happens? ...... I knew I had to let her go, for her own good. She needs to learn to take care of herself and others, be independent and strong and come on her own. This exposure will do her a world of good, built confidence and team spirit. But, the mother in me almost took over...... I thought of not sending her to the trip, come what may. I conveyed it to her and she started sobbing, almost howling...........

                                                    Just then, Hubby Shri walks in, with a small packet, handing it to me. "What's this now," I complained. " Open it" he replied. Ohho! " Can't you see what's happening here" I retorted back. " There's a surprise for you," he said, calming our little munchkin. "What is he upto" I thought to myself, taking the packet. And a big smile came on my face, when I saw #4G written on it in big bold letters. Yes, he got her the latest smartphone with 4G technology. "Let her go, she'll be safe" he said, holding my hand. And then he quoted the great poet and philosopher Khalil Gibran " you are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth". Which meant that parents are like bows and children are like arrows, if the bow will not release the arrow, how do you expect it to reach its aim..... I had learnt my lesson.

My daughter went for the trip super excited and came back as a confident and responsible girl.We had downloaded a safety app as well as Delhi police helpline app, which sends SOS message to four registered number stating the location.

Yes! Technology opens the gateways of knowledge and wisdom with just a click. You want to know the best restaurant in town or send money to the other corner of the world, it is lightening fast. Weather, sports, politics, entertainment, everything is just at the tip of your finger. With the invent of  #4G and Octa core processor, it's super quick. Being a blogger, I travel frequently, so GPS is almost like a lifeline, no need to stop and ask direction from every single person on the road. Even the school bus has a GPS where you can know the exact location at any given time.

I am not a #TEchnocrat, but handling an android phone is easy. The best thing about a smartphone is the camera. Taking Selfie is a everyone's favourite past time these days. With the social media platforms, one can be connected to people across the world and share your pics with just two clicks.

 I can vouch for the fact that my phone is a extension of me. It's my favourite accessory, something I feel incomplete without. Morning through night, it's my "companion of sorts". I love to dress it up in so many beautiful covers available.

Frankly, I feel blessed to be born in these times, where technology has reached in the remotest corner of the country.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Black Swan

Remember, the 2010 blockbuster movie by the name Black swan, where Natalie Portman played a ballerina. Natalie Portman swept all the major awards including the prestigious Academy Award for the best actress that year. I loved that movie and was mesmerized by Portman, I must confess..... But, why am I talking about the movie, you guys must be wondering!!!, the post that I am doing takes an inspiration from there..... No, I didn't do it on purpose, but the moment I donned that beautiful black long slit top, I felt like a Diva. Sometimes, a simple piece of clothing can have that impact on you. As far as this top is considered, I got this from THE PRETTY GIRLZ KORNER, the start up retailing through some top notch e-com sites, bringing stylish stuff for affordable pricing.
 Black has this beautiful quality to create a slimming silhouette. The long slits in the middle and sides adds sophistication while the zipper in gold lends it a royale charm. And it fitted like a glove.....all in all, it is a true winner. My double thumbs up....

I am all ears to know what you think of this look ....till then 
bye bye

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The joy of gifting with Threadcasa

Diwali shopping may not always be easy, but the look on a loved one’s face when you give them a gift that’s just right makes it all worth it. Imagine a gift that could let you bring that kind of joy for someone you love. 

Every year, I am in a dilemma, as to what gift shall I give to my best friends on Diwali. You go gifts- hunting to the swankiest malls and all they have is the usuals - chocolates, cookies, silver, decorative items, glassware n stuff like that. I am super tired of receiving these myself, so it was not even an option now. I started brainstorming and after much deliberation, I got an "idea". 

                                               Ever since, I did a blogpost on my #Threadcasa bag, my friends went ga-ga over it. So what better than a gorgeous Threadcasa piece. Threadcasa is a #Makeinindia startup, dealing in bags - totes, slings, clutches.pouch....which are awesome and affordable. Available in vibrant hues, these go well with ethnic, fusion and even western wear. The best part about Threadcasa bag is that it is made up of fabric, which makes it skin friendly as well as Eco friendly. 

                         This  Diwali, give your loved one a piece of art, a bag from Threadcasa.
                                                                  Happy Diwali 
                                                                   Lots of love

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twilight summers

Hi !!! All, how are you guys doing? Enjoying the festivities, ehh ....well, this is the most beautiful time of the year, the official "patakha time". Diwali is just around the corner and we are already in the midst of celebrations....aren't we??  This is "that" time of the year, when gambling is in vogue or how would you explain about the numerous cards party, you are invited to.... 

Most of the time, all of us are in our ethnic best... Sarees, ghaghras, shararas, anarkalis ..........Of course ! We love dressing up for the evening in the traditional attire, for a sessions of cards with the bubbly flowing. But, that's for the evening/ night, where being a bit "overdressed" works fine as with Indian wear, you need to wear some jewellery  like a pair of earrings or a neck piece or a maang tikka/ passa with cocktail ring thrown in. 

In-between, we have our girlfriends bash, which are a day thing like brunch, lunch, tambola party, card session with potluck etc where you really wanna let loose and chill out. For such do's, you need to wear an outfit which is chic and stylish, comfortable and lively but certainly not an OTT ( over the top). For a brunch cum card party this weekend, this is what I wore. For those who follow my blog, can vouch for my love for capes......I firmly believe a cape/ shrug/ jacket has the ability to make or break an outfit. Below, is an example for all to see. A simple skater dress in lace by Jabong is so beautifully enhanced by this ankle length floral cape (The pretty girls Korner ).  A pair of nude heels, and an oversized glares are all you need to "kill it". 

P.s - I thought of wearing the spring summer fave FLORALS, for one last time before the winter sets in.

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