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E Yum - Oh so yumm !

After a very busy last week, I got a breather. All I wanted now was to sit back, relax and dig my teeth into something rich and cheesy ( no puns intended ). And what better than cheese dripping lasagne..... I  called E Yum, a home delivery joint and ordered immediately. In 30 minute, my order was delivered. Bingo !!!! I love lasagne and this one baked to perfection. This melt in the mouth delicacy was full of veggies and layered with cheese. Next time when ordering for food, try lasagne which happens to be their signature dish as well. Then, there was Pasta in creamy white sauce. Pasta is kind of comfort food for me and I love to eat it sitting on my couch. Though, I like the tangy arabiatta sauce, I asked for the white sauce one as my kids relish it. The penne was Al- dente,  the way I like it. The sauce had loads of garlic and herbs and was of the desired consistency. Another  winner. And the last item that I ordered was a Veg Indian thalidomide. ..though I

The Luncheon at The Janpath Grill House

Last Friday, I was invited to a food blogger's meet at the newly opened Barbeque joint, JANPATH GRILL HOUSE located in the heart of the city. As I reached the venue, a tricoloured  name plate greeted! And then there was a half auto as a help desk, which looked rather cute and quirky. Inside, the decor was simple yet tasteful. The restaurant is spread across two floors and has a laid back warm vibe to it. The highlight of the decor was a handpainted wall depiciting the essence of  "Saadi Dilli ". Have a look :) As we seated ourselves comfortably, we were served drinks - Gur ka sharbat, hajmola ka gola and aam ki shikanji. Well, all three had distinct taste but Aam ki shikanji had an edge over others. It was something I had not tasted before...neither it tasted like aam panna or any other mango drink nor like shikanji ( which is essentially a lime based drink). As is the concept with barbeque joints, there was a live grill on the table.

Food Facts - Calorie Chart 2

Hey! All,  After receiving lots of appreciation for the  First post  of the series, I am here with the second and last one. It has covered almost all the food items we generally eat. Did you know that 3 deep fried Poori's have lesser calories than 2 paranthas. No ! Not joking...                                                                         Kadhi Pakora .                                                                          Khichdi . CEREALS . PREPARATION COOKED COOKED CALORIES . WT.(G) MEASURE/NO. . Dalia(cracked wheat) 200 1 Cup 225 . Rice 200 1 Cup 222 . Khichri 200 1 Cup 430 . Pulao 300 2 Bowls 358 . Parantha 100 2 297 . Chappati 70 2 170 . Puri 75 3 240 .  Bhatura 36 1 154 . Potato parantha  90 1 213 . Wheat, all bran 28 1/2 Cup 95 . Doughnut 32 1 135 . Burger, chicken 1 275 . Burger, vegetable 1 125 . . DAL/ Pulses PREPARATION . PREPARATION COOKED WT.(G) COOKED MEASURE/NO. CALORIES . Bengal gram dal 125 1 Bowl 124 . Blac