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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

E Yum - Oh so yumm !

After a very busy last week, I got a breather. All I wanted now was to sit back, relax and dig my teeth into something rich and cheesy ( no puns intended ). And what better than cheese dripping lasagne..... I  called E Yum, a home delivery joint and ordered immediately. In 30 minute, my order was delivered. Bingo !!!!

I love lasagne and this one baked to perfection. This melt in the mouth delicacy was full of veggies and layered with cheese. Next time when ordering for food, try lasagne which happens to be their signature dish as well.

Then, there was Pasta in creamy white sauce. Pasta is kind of comfort food for me and I love to eat it sitting on my couch. Though, I like the tangy arabiatta sauce, I asked for the white sauce one as my kids relish it. The penne was Al- dente,  the way I like it. The sauce had loads of garlic and herbs and was of the desired consistency. Another  winner.

And the last item that I ordered was a Veg Indian thalidomide. ..though I must confess, I am not a thali person and never really opt for it. I wanted to try it coz summer vacations are on and lot of women complaint that they cannot visit their parents home in another city as to who will cook for hubby or how would he eat "outside" food for weeks. This is a perfect alternative as the food is like a simple home cooked meal. It had dal, paneer bhurji, sukhe aloo, rice, chapattis and salad. It was cooked in minimal oil and had adequate spices to suit every palate.

E yum is a Gurgaon based take away/ delivery outlet which offers Continental, Italian, Chinese fare. It is also listed on Zomato.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Luncheon at The Janpath Grill House

Last Friday, I was invited to a food blogger's meet at the newly opened Barbeque joint, JANPATH GRILL HOUSE located in the heart of the city. As I reached the venue, a tricoloured  name plate greeted!

And then there was a half auto as a help desk, which looked rather cute and quirky. Inside, the decor was simple yet tasteful. The restaurant is spread across two floors and has a laid back warm vibe to it. The highlight of the decor was a handpainted wall depiciting the essence of  "Saadi Dilli ". Have a look :)

As we seated ourselves comfortably, we were served drinks - Gur ka sharbat, hajmola ka gola and aam ki shikanji. Well, all three had distinct taste but Aam ki shikanji had an edge over others. It was something I had not tasted before...neither it tasted like aam panna or any other mango drink nor like shikanji ( which is essentially a lime based drink).

As is the concept with barbeque joints, there was a live grill on the table. An array of kebabs and tikkas were served. Being a vegetarian, I went for the achari paneer tikka, beetroot kabab, which were sumptous. The non vegetarians options included fish, chicken and prawns.

We were also served my personal favorite golgappe,which were baked and styled beautifully. Also, got to see another innovative recipe, the MOLECULAR CHAAT. The executive chef, Tarun Chanana, himself demonstrated the process. Here, dahi and bhallas are immersed in liquid nitrogen ( which has a temperature of - 200 degrees and freezes everything which comes in contact ) for a few seconds. It freezes the curd and bhallas, making it super crispy. Enjoy !

A live pasta counter dished out pasta according to your tastebuds...I happened to taste the "melt in your mouth" cheessey pasta as well as the "tangy" penne in Arabiatta sauce. Both were very good.

There were ample choices for the vegetarians in the main course. Paneer butter masala, Dal makhni and Rajma were really good. You could smell the fresh aroma of spices, simmered to perfection.

Ab kuch meetha ho jaye .... there was phirni, which had a smooth texture and was subtle with just about perfect amount of sugar. Gulab Jamun was like any other you get at regular sweet shops. The rose flavoured kulfi was perfect to round a scrumptious meal.

Though, i missed a chocolate based dessert, i was told the menu changes everyday. The price for the buffet is as

All in all, had a great time with friends from the fraternity and bonded over some great conversation and equally good food. So, next time, you are planning meet friends over drinks and dinner....head over to Janpath Grill House.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Food Facts - Calorie Chart 2

Hey! All, 

After receiving lots of appreciation for the First post of the series, I am here with the second and last one. It has covered almost all the food items we generally eat. Did you know that 3 deep fried Poori's have lesser calories than 2 paranthas. No ! Not joking...

                                                                        Kadhi Pakora

.                                                                          Khichdi

.Dalia(cracked wheat)2001 Cup225
.Rice2001 Cup222
.Khichri2001 Cup430
.Pulao3002 Bowls358
. Bhatura361154
.Potato parantha 901213

.Wheat, all bran281/2 Cup95
.Burger, chicken1275
.Burger, vegetable1125
.Bengal gram dal1251 Bowl124
.Black gram dal1451 Bowl161
.Green gram dal1551 Bowl316
.Lentil dal1401 Bowl248
.Red gram dal1351 Bowl104
.Kadhi1401 Bowl118
.Spinach with dal1401 Bowl113
.Sambar1601 Bowl81
.Chole1601 Bowl119
.Green gram(whole)1451 Bowl113
.Lentil (whole)1301 Bowl95
.Rajmah1351 Bowl153
.Lobia1401 Bowl141
.Fava beans1001/2 Cup115
.Peas and paneer1301 Bowl191
.Pea potato curry1351 Bowl132
.potato curry1103/4 Bowl131
.Fried vegetableballs curry1451 Bowl217
.Capsicum potato1251 Bowl116
.Cauliflower and carrot951 Bowl100
.Ladies finger(okra)1401.5 Bowl226
.Eggplant1003/4 Bowl115
.Cabbage1001 Bowl131
.Stuffed tomato851 Bowl84
.Poha1501 1/2 Bowl298
.Dahi vada1662343
.Masala dosa1001192
.Sago vada602214
.Spaghetti1401 Cup197
.Waffles751 Large245
.Cake,plain751 Piece153
.Cake,sponge501 Piece153
.Pie1601 Portion375

.Chicken with gravy1251 Bowl257
.Fish cutlets802 Bowl190
.Fish fillet1152 Bowl358
.Fried Fish852 Bowl218
.Liver tossed with spices1401 Bowl330
.Mutton curry1451 Bowl237
.Prawn tossed with spices1153/4 Bowl206
.Prawn curry1451 Bowl219
.Coconut chutney552 tbsp125
.Coriander chutney201 tbsp47
.Mint Chutney181 tbsp7
.Tamarind Chutney201 tbsp65
.Tomato Chutney501/2 Bowl32


.Cucumber raita(low fat curd)Yoghurt-1001 Bowl52
.Boondi raita fried bengal flour ballsYoghurt-1001 Bowl100
.French151 tbsp70
.Mayonnaise151 tbsp150
.Light mayonnaise151 tbsp110
.Tossed green salad with dressing1 Bowl1 tbsp95

.Caesar151 tbsp70

So, Happy Eating  !!!!

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