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Scuba dive to life & bliss

                                " The world's finest wilderness lies beneath the waves " - Wyland Goa is my most favourite holiday destination in the country. I fell in love with the lush groves, panoramic waters and the laid back way of life, when I set my foot here almost 2 decades back. Yes, I came to Goa as a child and it has been a big part of my life ever since. I have been here at least once in  two years and would want to continue this tradition for the rest of my life. Being an adventure junkie, I have had tried almost all kinds of water sports in Goa - paragliding, jet ski, banana boat ride to name a few. This time SCUBA DIVING is on my bucket list. Ever since I saw the underwater scene in "ZINDAGI MILEGI NA DOBARA", I am just mesmerized by the life deep down. Goa is an ideal place for such adventure sports especially scuba diving. The absence of riptide currents makes Goa safe for such sports. The ideal season is from October to A

If DDLJ Was remade by Ekta kapoor

There are some movies which enjoy the cult status and to just imagine it being remade is sort of criminal. Remember how Ramgopal Verma spoiled the best entertainer ever made in Bollywood , the epic SHOLAY. Imagine if Soap Queen Ekta Kapoor plans to remake our favourite love story "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" starring  superstar Shahrukh khan and Kajol. And  whom does she pick to play the lead roles.....any guesses?? Salman khan some would say or maybe Ranveer Singh for the main lead whereas Priyanka Chopra, Deepika or even Katrina Kaif could play the leading lady. Going by the past, it's difficult to even imagine the obvious. EKTA being Ekta will alway do the unpredictable like casting Living legend Rajnikant for the role of Raj while opting for the gorgeous Sunny Leone to play Simran. Now, let the drama unfold. So, Raj aka Rajnikant meets Sunny babe on Chennai express while going to the same jungles where slain sandalwood smuggler Veerappan once lived. Why

Marching my way into culinary delights @ 38 Barracks

38 Barracks ! Does the word ring a bell? Ding ding ding....Well, yes & very proudly so. It reminds us of our glorious Army and THE REAL HEROES.                      " Some people make their parents proud but few make their country proud " 38 barracks, located in the heart of the capital at Connaught Place or CP as it is fondly called, takes its inspiration from the great heritage and timeless traditions of our army. As I make my way into the restaurant, I am amazed by the skillfully done decor. It is festooned with the memorabilia of an army man. The medals, trophies, rifles, souvenirs, photographs transporting you into a world reminiscent of bravery, integrity, candor and uprightness. I was a part of the food bloggers group invited for chef tasting menu curated by Michelin recommended chef Gautam Choudhry. We were welcomed by pretty as a picture amuse bouche which is essentially a bite sized appetizer served according to chef's selection. It had