Marching my way into culinary delights @ 38 Barracks

38 Barracks ! Does the word ring a bell? Ding ding ding....Well, yes & very proudly so. It reminds us of our glorious Army and THE REAL HEROES.

                     " Some people make their parents proud but few make their country proud "

38 barracks, located in the heart of the capital at Connaught Place or CP as it is fondly called, takes its inspiration from the great heritage and timeless traditions of our army. As I make my way into the restaurant, I am amazed by the skillfully done decor. It is festooned with the memorabilia of an army man. The medals, trophies, rifles, souvenirs, photographs transporting you into a world reminiscent of bravery, integrity, candor and uprightness.

I was a part of the food bloggers group invited for chef tasting menu curated by Michelin recommended chef Gautam Choudhry. We were welcomed by pretty as a picture amuse bouche which is essentially a bite sized appetizer served according to chef's selection. It had a piece of watermelon dressed with Cream cheese and balsamic caviars.

As for drinks, I opted for the very delightful Banta which comes in three flavours - kala khatta, blueberry and raspberry.  I tried kala khatta, which was a winner hands down and blueberry was also good.

We were served an array of delectable starters like the mirchi vada which was made to perfection. I love spicy stuff and I relished it completely.

Next was beet root galouti kebabs which to my amusement did not have that peculiar beet root-y smell or taste. It's a great way to feed kids the veggies they detest. 

Corn tarts were my favourite along with panner tikka barrels. The delicate and succulent tart was balanced by the tangy corn. Yummm!!!  The paneer tikka stuffed with dried fruits is easily the bestest I have had so far. Take my word for it, it's a sure shot hit.

There were a lot of non veg starters like chicken satay, mutton kebabs served as well.

Much to my delight,  we were served the biggest burger I had ever seen. It was almost thrice the size of an average burger and could easily be enough for 2-3 people. The bun was soft and the patty was very flavourful and luscious.

And as everyone knows, life is too short to say no to desserts. I opted for two of them - a baked pie stuffed with rasogulla and served with Icecream along with my favourite melt-in-the-mouth brownie with vanilla icecream. Need I say more!!! 

And as the saying goes "people who love to eat are always the best people". Loved meeting you all Vickrham, Nora, Sonalini, Aditi, Saumya and Chavvi.


Wow mouth watering photos

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