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Winter Blues { n Reds & Whites }

After a fairly pleasant December and the new year, winter woes hit us and hit really hard around the second week of Jan. The temperatures dipped to 11-12 degrees in the day and dived down to  single digit in the night #Dillikisardi ......         All one wants in this time of the year, is to snuggle in the cosy bed with lots of books and cups of coffee #Blissful. And that's what I really did.... I haven't done an outfit post in the longest time and was missing the fun. I decided to do a shoot inspite of the chilly winds. Generally, we associated winters with dark hues and wear shades of black, navy, grey but for me winters is #RedandWhite. I love wearing white and those who have been following my blog knows my penchant for this exotic shade. I wore a midi sweater dress in white which had a delicate pearl work with red stockings and my statement pumps in red, white and blue worn HERE  earlier.  Also I accessorised it with the multi coloured neck piece and polka dotted bag

Review - The Jan Fab Bag

I have been a rather late entrant in the list of   The Fab Bag  lovers. Yes! I got my first fab bag around six months back but I have been an ardent fan since then. The best part about a #thefabbag is that month after month they relentlessly come up with amazing products and offers. This month ie January fab bag is a fine example of that. Plus, the Jan pouch is just too cute....have a look and judge for yourself. How cute it is !!! Isn't it ? WHAT'S IN THE FAB BAG The contents of the JAN FAB BAG VOTRE FACE SERUM : Face serum is supposed to be this magnificent product which when applied helps brighten your face, adds glow and reduces the appearance of fine lines. VOTRE face serum is a concoction of jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil with lemon and licorice extract among others. It comes in a dark coloured bottle with a dropper reminiscent of medicine bottle ..hehe... It has a mild fragrance and instantly renders your skin a smooth texture. Absolutely love it. W

Book Review - Ramayana The Game Of Life : Stolen Hope

                      "Real beauty awakens love in every heart and envy in none" * Ramayana The Game of Life : Stolen Hope is the third book of the six book series by author Shubha Vilas.  I must confess I haven't read the first two titles of the series namely "The Rise Of Sun Prince" and "Shattered Dreams". But, it doesn't forbid me from savouring this literary masterpiece                                          "when hope is the launch pad, even a blind man can soar to the moon. Transcending personal defects become a cinch when hope is in vicinity" * Ramayana is the greatest Epic in the world and has been written infinite times. It  had been my favourite bed time story, which my grand mother sincerely narrated every day for years. Though, I loved listening to it as a child but to be honest it's still the same old story. Why did the author think there was a need for it to be retold again?                                 

Happy New Year !

Hey!! A very Happy New Year to all my lovely readers ! How did you guys ushered in 2016....... I Celebrated with my family. 2015 had been a real "special" year for me, a life changer of sorts. I did a lot of stuff, I had been wanting to do since ages. Being regular with my blogging being the first. Last year around April, I restarted my blog and it has been the best decision of my life. Writing is therapeutic to me, like meditation. I wrote a whopping 74 Blogpost in 2015, which is a big personal achievement for me. Being regular with my writing has not only improved my ranking on various blogging platforms, But I have even been nominated as one of the top bloggers of the country. Touchwood. I attended quite a few bloggers meets and events and met some really fun loving, talented and passsionate bloggers. It was a privilege to have met such stupendous bunch of people. This has helped me broaden my horizon. I entered the unexplored foray of "Event Management",