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A day to remember - Askmefashionmeetup

A day to remember ! What do you do, when  invites you to attend their # #askmefashionmeet at the most happening place-  Strikers pub, in the country's fashion capital.You jump in joy, no matter where you are and who's looking. Right? Well, I did the same....I was at a 5-star coffee shop, chilling over a cup of java, when I got a mail regarding the same and I jumped, much to the amusement of my friends and the onlookers, only to be landing on my killer 6"inch heels and twisting my ankle. I was now with a swollen ankle and was prescribed two weeks of mandatory rest. Heartbroken, all I could think was -                                           " Dil ke arman aasuon mein beh gaye " I, so desperately wanted to attend this event where country's biggest fashion bloggers and an e-com brand to reckon with, would come together, discuss fashion and business over rounds of drinks and yummilicious food. But, It was not to be. Though,