Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Food Trail at The Addams House

I have always been an aficionado of Fairytales since my childhood. Fairytales are generally set in on an idyllic castle and picturesque palaces. Why am I discussing the details of a childhood fave when we are here to talk about the FOOD BLOGGER'S MEET @ THE ADDAMS HOUSE. Well,the answer lies in this picture below.

Doesn't it remind you of a castle? I gazed at the greyishish black exteriors as I made my way into the restaurant. I exchanged pleasantries with the fellow bloggers & introduction with a few. As I placed myself comfortably, I looked around for a 360 degrees view. It was a biggish space with a very idiosyncratic and quirky sophistication. On the open bricked wall were pictures of The Addams Family which were a bit offbeat and whacky. All in all an appealing site with the bar taking the centerstage. A delight for my Drinker buddies...hahaha.

We were served the chef's special menu and so started our food trail. We were served ADDAM'S DRAGON POPCORN in chocolate flavour which were treated with nitrogen making it crispier, CHAKHNA WAKHNA which was essentially an assortment of salad with black chana, rajmah and chickpeas mixed with onion, tomatoes and spices, RAJMA CHAWAL BALLS which were fried and served with garlic tomato chutney, CHILLI ROASTED GARLIC AND CHEESE POPPERS and MOLECULAR SPHERES WITH TITBIT. The non vegetarians had a few more options apart from these. I especially liked the rajma chawal balls and chilli roasted garlic and cheese poppers which were so melt in the mouth and flavourful.

We were served an array of drinks which included MOJITO (my favourite), BHOOT which was a rum based drink, WANDERLUST was essentially a vodka based concotion, RASPERRY COOLER which was a combination of raspberry with orange,HAZELNUT CHEESECAKE SHAKE which as the name suggests is a cheescake in shake form which was divine.

The chef dished out some amazing stuff like KULCHA  PIZZAZ  which were kulchas laced with cheese, SUSHI ROLLS,  spiced beetroot patties with cheese and mayo in the form of GIVE ME RED and not to forget the HORNY COWBOY which is a wood oven pizza overloaded with onions, mushrooms, jalapeno's, kidney beans and cheese.

The Addam's house serves Tex-Mex too and I relished the COTTAGE CHEESE TACOS & VEGGIDILLA.

And now the best part, digging my teeth into some sinful treats - HAZELNUT ROYAL CRACKLE, GULABARI CHEESECAKE and RABRI JMUN IN A JAR. I devoured all these three and transported myself into gastonomical paradise literally. Hmmmmmm!!

Food makes a great companion and so does foodies. It was a pleasure to share my table with Vickrham, Ishleen, Jasjeet , Vinayak Bali, Charu Singhal, Paresh Gupta & Shikha Gupta.

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