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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finding the perfect crop top for curvy girls

Crop tops are a rage now, a must-have in every fashionista's list. And being the in-vogue girl that I am ,I too wanted it in my wardrobe. But there was a catch ...." I am voluptuous " and was a bit skeptical as crop top shows a bit of midriff and is not very flattering if you aren't "the wash board abs" type. It was a difficult task ahead ...
But , I found my perfect piece rather soon....I was randomly surfing one of my favourite
Online shopping sites and I came across this one. I ordered it instantly. And I got it the next day ....yayyy!!! Hurriedly , I tried it and wow! It fitted fine. There are a few things to be kept in mind when buying a crop top -

- don't but the bralet/ bustier is merciless for girls with curves.

- buy in dark hue if you are top heavy.

- preferably buy one with sleeves because anyways your mid section shows.

- go for boxy type which are a bit loose and add a cool casual touch to your attire.

- choose a skater skirt over pencil skirt as it helps disguise the small paunch You might have.

- if going for the pencil skirt crop top combo set wear a cape/ shrug/ jacket for that added oomph.

Though it was the first crop top I bought, now I have a full range which I will try to wear in upcoming posts. Have a look and let me know , if you liked :)finding the perfect crop top for curvy girls

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