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Lavender Love

Hey !!! Have you ever thought ..... What is the colour of love? Red .....u say promptly. Errr maybe pink...Most people associate these two colours with love. That's the reason we generally wear reds on Valentine's day.  For me Lavender is the colour of's dreamy, classy and oh-so-elegant.  English Lavender is a treat for sore eyes. Here, I have teamed my Lavender skirt with black tunic. Though Lavender looks equally great with white and is a awesome combo for these sunny days. Black adds charm and character to this beautiful skater skirt from faballey.  I wore a dull oxidised gold neckpiece and black pumps with it.   Would love to hear from you.....what say guys!!!! Black tunic -  jabong Lavender skater skirt -  faballey pumps -  fashionandyou Necklace-  20 dresses Bag - Louis Vuitton

E Yum - Oh so yumm !

After a very busy last week, I got a breather. All I wanted now was to sit back, relax and dig my teeth into something rich and cheesy ( no puns intended ). And what better than cheese dripping lasagne..... I  called E Yum, a home delivery joint and ordered immediately. In 30 minute, my order was delivered. Bingo !!!! I love lasagne and this one baked to perfection. This melt in the mouth delicacy was full of veggies and layered with cheese. Next time when ordering for food, try lasagne which happens to be their signature dish as well. Then, there was Pasta in creamy white sauce. Pasta is kind of comfort food for me and I love to eat it sitting on my couch. Though, I like the tangy arabiatta sauce, I asked for the white sauce one as my kids relish it. The penne was Al- dente,  the way I like it. The sauce had loads of garlic and herbs and was of the desired consistency. Another  winner. And the last item that I ordered was a Veg Indian thalidomide. ..though I