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10 reasons to love Olive Oil

Hey!  So wassup, guys!!! How are you doing? Me, I am good. These days wherever I go, one topic literally crops up everywhere....Olive Oil. I guess, it's a  current favorite with everyone. No discussion is complete without the mention of it. The old wives tale goes on to say  that it's a blessing from heaven to the mankind. And, why not ?  It has been used since time immemorial, for health and beauty purpose. Olive is a native of the Mediterranean. It forms an integral part of the mediterranean cuisine. It is also used extensively for cosmetic purpose. Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, was a great patron of olive oil. This  beautiful fruit has unrivaled health and cosmetic benefits. 1. It is a great cooking medium and comes in various forms like olive oil, virgin ,extra virgin, cold pressed etc. 2. It has linolinic acid which is not produced by the body but is essential for hydration. 3. It is a great anti aging agent and is an abundant source of anti oxidants. 4. Thi