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Book Review - My Tarot Something else by Nisha Mehta

                                            " Tarot tells what you need to know and not what you want to know" As  a student of science, I am a very practical & "matter of fact" person and would never believe in astrology or birth charts and so did Nisha Mehta, the author of the book "My tarot Something Else". Yes ! She didn't initially but destiny had something else planned for her and here she is as not only a leading tarot reader but as an author of a book on tarot too...strange! Isn't it ?                 "When your destination is confirmed, a path will appear, the journey will begin". I personally believe that as we get older, the problems and difficulties that come along, lead us to the  occult sciences or "knowledge of the hidden". We all want to seek answers to the questions pertaining to the future.                "When honesty is not corrupted, faith is not disrupted, the journey will be u