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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Celebrating Vishu the Zambar way

Vishu is the Hindu new year festival celebrated in the state of Kerala and coastal Karnataka. This marks the beginning of the first day of the month called Medam according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar and falls on 14th April. It also connotes the completion of spring equinox ( wherein the Sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is equal).

I was invited to taste the Vishu Sadhya (feast) at Zambar, which is a fine dining place known for it's coastal delicacies. Vishu feast is a pure vegetarian fare which consists of more than 2 dozen dishes and accompaniments. Here's the menu -

We were served in the traditional Malayali style on the banana leaf. The food looked so tempting that it was very difficult for us to wait till all the items were served. I started nibbling on the Sarkara Varrati which is like our very own Gur (Jaggery) Sev and Banana Upperi ( banana chips). Unniappam is another delight almost like the sweet Pua's we make at home during the rainy season. 

The rice on your plate (banana leaf in this case) is divided into two halves and on one part Sambhar is served while on the other Pariappu curry ( moong dal) is poured. These two portions are eaten with specific veggies which the staff will willingly let you know.

I specially loved the kootu curry, Avial, theeyal which are vegetable preparations eaten with rice( we were served the authentic Kerala rice also known as Bullet rice). To round off our lunch we had Pal Payasam which is Seviyan and Adda Payasam which is an authentic Malayali dessert made up of coconut milk and banana. Both the dessert were exceptionally good but Adda Payasam was the winner for me. 

The food was very simple yet flavorful and rich in nutrition. Do visit the Zambar at Ambience mall on 14th of April to savour the lovely Keralite meal and relish the flavours of God's own country.

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