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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why is it so important to love yourself !

I love this video and watch it often.....every time it leaves me kinda amused, when you will see it yourself , only then would you realize what I meant. Generally,  most of us are self critical and many a times we may never tell someone but in our heart we have very negative thoughts about ourselves) . This is just about that....

Here , a few women are asked to describe themselves to an artist, who sits with his back towards them and even a curtain in between. Each women is asked to describe herself and based on her description the artist creates a sketch. The artist makes another portrait of the women based on someone else's description of them and Voila !!!!

The difference is remarkable....see it to believe it !!

Though , you would love what you see, but deep down it raises a few questions. What we think about ourselves ?  Is beauty just that...superficial ! When we are asked about beauty,  all we think of are actors and models. They are all about peaches n cream complexion, perfect features,  svelte bod, glossy hair, radiant eyes.....of course ! This is beauty for us and in  comparision we, the lesser mortals, fall flat on our faces. American supermodel Cindy Crawford once said , "even I don't look like Cindy Crawford". Yes ! She did say it . The people in entertainment and glamour world are beautiful, no doubt. But so are you ....God has made us all so unique, so different from the other that there's just one you ( In a population of billions you are one of your kind, just imagine!). Embrace it ! Whether you are tall or short , thin or not-so-thin, dark or fair , blonde or brunette are you...unique in your own just LOVE YOURSELF!
                                                    Love yourself ,

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