Sunday, August 30, 2015

My August Fab Bag

Hey! how are you?  How did you celebrate Rakhi...mine was super fabulous and loads of fun. Got lots of gifts and cash (wink wink).
Received my August fab bag, a couple of days back. Here are a few pictures to let you have a glimpse of What's Inside. Will review it, in detail, in the next post. Pakka promise. Till then, Have a look at the snapshots and enjoy :)

Mood matcher colour changing lipstick

Vana vidhi rice scrub

Valvatina mist

Diva eyelash curler

                            Contents of The fab bag Including Morocvita Argan Oil

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Polka dots

All of us have that little girl in her, how much ever old she is. And there are a few things that almost all girls love, across ages : pinks, candy floss, cuddly bears and of course polka.
                Polka's is an evergreen thing, never out of vogue and it's a must have in every fashionista's wardrobe. If you think they are too girlie, try something out of box, be creative and make your own fashion statement.

The polka dotted bag that you see in the outfit post is not even a is a multi utilitarian kit filled with goodies as a return gift to kids, for a birthday party I attended. I had a look at the bag and was totally smitten by it. My favourite colour combo of blue, red and white with playful polka imprints, was like a treat to sore eyes and I immediately knew I had to do an outfit post on this one.
         I really love to put up looks that are quirky and involves creativity not just randomly buying the "in" things and putting on. What say????

Friday, August 21, 2015

A day to remember - Askmefashionmeetup

A day to remember !

What do you do, when invites you to attend their ##askmefashionmeet at the most happening place-  Strikers pub, in the country's fashion capital.You jump in joy, no matter where you are and who's looking. Right? Well, I did the same....I was at a 5-star coffee shop, chilling over a cup of java, when I got a mail regarding the same and I jumped, much to the amusement of my friends and the onlookers, only to be landing on my killer 6"inch heels and twisting my ankle. I was now with a swollen ankle and was prescribed two weeks of mandatory rest. Heartbroken, all I could think was -

                                          " Dil ke arman aasuon mein beh gaye "

I, so desperately wanted to attend this event where country's biggest fashion bloggers and an e-com brand to reckon with, would come together, discuss fashion and business over rounds of drinks and yummilicious food. But, It was not to be. Though, I, more than made up for it by reading , My friend Akansha Dureja 's blog, who was one of the speakers along with Shaily and Lisha. They spoke on issues ranging from fashion, blogging, monetizing , business....the works, which was informative especially for new bloggers.

                                The gorgeous speakers at the meet - Shaily, Lisha and Akansha

 For an avid online shopper, Askmebazaar, is a paradise, waiting to be explored, each time. They have a vast array of stylish clothes, bags and accessories. If you are in a dilemma over what the current trends are, or will sneakers look good with my formal pant suit, or anything else then , askmeonfashion., is like an answer to all your fashion queries. For latest updates on trends, stay tuned to

The collection laid down for the bloggers to style

After a tete-a-tete with our lovely speakers, a creative contest was on. Askmebazaar, literally laid out the whole collection of clothes, bags and accessories for the bloggers, to participate in the fun contest of dressing up the mannequins. And, the bloggers did a splendid job of creating fabulous looks. Shaily surely must have had a tough time judging the best one. Here, are a few pics ...have a dekkho :)

Get this look on Askmebazaar

Well, what did I get even after not attending the event.....I made the saddest face ever and showed the pics of the event to "Hubby Shri"(that's what I call my husband) and he loved the looks styled by our bloggers, so much, that I ordered 4 looks right then ( he paid for it.Yippee) and a huge choco truffle cake from my fave cake shop. Could I be happier???

Picture Credits-

Sunday, August 16, 2015

And the denim fever continues

Hi ! My lovely have you been doing??
I am as usual, kickass .....haahaa
well, I am on a shopping spree these days, as there's the end of season sale in almost all the stores. ....yippee😊😊.
 Trends keeps on changing with every season but there's something in every wadrobe that's "timeless"....The most used and abused piece of clothing ever....The much loved and worn , our favourite Denims. Isn't it?
I am a big time denim lover. Though, I have coloured denims in almost every shade, the trademark blue is my eternal fave..n I simply love to team it with white...The coolest combo ever. Have a look at the few snapshots I took during the vacation at mommy land :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Headgears and me

Hi ! All,

Just after publishing my blog post "sunshine and the rainbow" earlier today, I realized an interesting fact about myself, I am not kidding....I just wasn't aware...
About what? This is the thought thats crossing your mind, right? Well, the small but interesting thing that I learned today about myself fascination for head gear. Hmmmm....what were you thinking?
I  am so much in love with headband, hair bands, head scarves, maang tikka, passa n blah blah that I have a huge collection of such stuff. And if that was not enough, I wear my necklace / earrings as headgears. Just have a look at few of them ....

Sunshine and a rainbow

Hey ! Peeps,
How are you doing ? Me, I am happy and very excited ! Lots have been happening, of late. Especially related to my blogging .....will divulge the deets later on. The last month was supergood and attended a lot of blogging events including Word up by Indiblogger. Inbetween, I was laid down with a bout of fever and sinusitis. So, there's so much work pending. And of course! I am revamping my website to this new swanky looking one. I think it should be up in next 10 days...ecstatic!!!!

If you love rains, just head for Delhi. There has been torrential rains for last month and half. The pot holes and water lodging would give you that extra adrenalin rush during your rain adventure ...lolz. So, I decided to play this little Miss Sunshine amidst the rains and rainbows. Sunshine yellow is a great colour for this weather. It brings about that extra glow during the dull and gloomy days. I love Indian hand embroideries and the dress that I am wearing has phulkari, which is a traditional art form of Punjab, in the colours of rainbows :)

Dress - designed by Ruchi Singh Rao
Headband - borrowed from my li'l niece
Glares -
Shoes -
Bag - Furla
Hat - Singapore

Sunshine and a rainbow

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Picture speaks a thousand words !!!!

There are some days when you want to shut up and say nothing . Today is one such day for me and that 'say nothing' complies to writing as well....... So I thought of just posting a few pictures of the shoot that I did a while back. After all , a picture speaks a thousand words !!!

   It is officially still summers and I love wearing whites, pairing it with a fluid navy skirt in georgette. But the highlight of this OOTD was my bright red shoes with a funky magazine print. I somehow am inclined toward quirky prints . Have a look .....

credits -
Shirt - The closet label
Skirt - RYR
Shoes -
Necklace -
Bag - Gucci

A picture speaks a thousand wordsA picture speaks a thousand words

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