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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The joy of gifting with Threadcasa

Diwali shopping may not always be easy, but the look on a loved one’s face when you give them a gift that’s just right makes it all worth it. Imagine a gift that could let you bring that kind of joy for someone you love. 

Every year, I am in a dilemma, as to what gift shall I give to my best friends on Diwali. You go gifts- hunting to the swankiest malls and all they have is the usuals - chocolates, cookies, silver, decorative items, glassware n stuff like that. I am super tired of receiving these myself, so it was not even an option now. I started brainstorming and after much deliberation, I got an "idea". 

                                               Ever since, I did a blogpost on my #Threadcasa bag, my friends went ga-ga over it. So what better than a gorgeous Threadcasa piece. Threadcasa is a #Makeinindia startup, dealing in bags - totes, slings, clutches.pouch....which are awesome and affordable. Available in vibrant hues, these go well with ethnic, fusion and even western wear. The best part about Threadcasa bag is that it is made up of fabric, which makes it skin friendly as well as Eco friendly. 

                         This  Diwali, give your loved one a piece of art, a bag from Threadcasa.
                                                                  Happy Diwali 
                                                                   Lots of love

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Bag Trend: Snakeskin

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