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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fashionistas And Faux Pas

Isn't the title of the post too vague?? What is she trying to convey? Why is she behaving like a dumb bimbo?
         Was this your first reaction? ........... Yes ! Then you are in the queue, coz you are not alone. Truly, How can a fashionista ever commit a Faux-pas? And, if she has, then she isn't one. 

                   You are absolutely right with your logic. But you need to know one thing, that no one is born stylish. Style is an ever evolving phenomenon. As we grow, we learn so many new things about ourself and in general. In this process of self discovery, your very own personal style evolves, slowly. Isn't it!  Yes! I can imagine you nodding in affirmation ..........haahaa.

1. What was I thinking ??? -  Does this thought ever cross your mind, when you are surfing through your old pictures ( some may be just a couple of years old ).  I always took great pride in being a style icon for my family and friends. Every one asked for my advice when there was a special occasion, on what to wear, how to style your hair, what kind of shoes would go with a particular outfit and so on....  Sometimes, i too feel "what the hell was I thinking " , when I come across some weird old pics (though rarely! Thank god). Our celebs are no different. Don't believe, have a look :

Sonam kapoor looked like a "Chicken"in this Attire

2. Wearing too much - Overdressing ! Most "Dilliwallahs" could be held guilty of this charge. Just head over to any plush Cafe mid morning, you could find array of women dressed as if they are ready to go clubbing.

3. Wearing too little - is as much a fashion faux pas as overdressing. You should alway dress for the occasion. At almost every party, you find a couple of women wearing halter/off shoulder even during the "Dilli ki sardi". Remember ! Comfort is the key.

Kangana's dress reveals a little too much

4. The wrong shoe -  Either to small or too big for your feet. Julianne Moore was seen wearing a shoe a bit to small , her little toes were literally hanging out.

Julianna Moore has her little toes peeping out

5. To tight/ loose a dress - Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is most often seen in dresses, a size too small. Ofcourse ! A tight fitted dress enhances her curves, but it appears as if it could rip apart any moment.
Our very own Style Icon Sonam Kapoor was seen holding her trousers and adjusting it during the promotions of Aisha.

Sonam holding and adjusting her trouser

6. Transparent - Many Bollywood / Hollywood actresses have been caught on camera wearing a little transparent dress. Have a dekkho :

Priyanka Chopra in transparent dress

Kim Kardashian wearing a transparent skirt, a size too small

7. Too much makeup - Too much makeup not just looks bad, it adds years to your face. Makeup should look  as " natural"  as possible.

Angelina Jolie 's highlighting gone wrong

Aishwarya Rai with over done makeup 

Pics- google
Sonam Aisha pic- pinkvilla

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Black Swan

Remember, the 2010 blockbuster movie by the name Black swan, where Natalie Portman played a ballerina. Natalie Portman swept all the major awards including the prestigious Academy Award for the best actress that year. I loved that movie and was mesmerized by Portman, I must confess..... But, why am I talking about the movie, you guys must be wondering!!!, the post that I am doing takes an inspiration from there..... No, I didn't do it on purpose, but the moment I donned that beautiful black long slit top, I felt like a Diva. Sometimes, a simple piece of clothing can have that impact on you. As far as this top is considered, I got this from THE PRETTY GIRLZ KORNER, the start up retailing through some top notch e-com sites, bringing stylish stuff for affordable pricing.
 Black has this beautiful quality to create a slimming silhouette. The long slits in the middle and sides adds sophistication while the zipper in gold lends it a royale charm. And it fitted like a glove.....all in all, it is a true winner. My double thumbs up....

I am all ears to know what you think of this look ....till then 
bye bye

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