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Finding the perfect crop top for curvy girls

Crop tops are a rage now, a must-have in every fashionista's list. And being the in-vogue girl that I am ,I too wanted it in my wardrobe. But there was a catch ...." I am voluptuous " and was a bit skeptical as crop top shows a bit of midriff and is not very flattering if you aren't "the wash board abs" type. It was a difficult task ahead ... . But , I found my perfect piece rather soon....I was randomly surfing one of my favourite Online  shopping sites and I came across this one. I ordered it instantly. And I got it the next day ....yayyy!!! Hurriedly , I tried it and wow! It fitted fine. There are a few things to be kept in mind when buying a crop top - - don't but the bralet/ bustier is merciless for girls with curves. - buy in dark hue if you are top heavy. - preferably buy one with sleeves because anyways your mid section shows. - go for boxy type which are a bit loose and add a cool casual touch to your attire

Pout and pigtails

Hey ! I am in love with pigtails these days . It is such a comfortable yet chic hairstyle for hot humid weather . I got hooked to it after I saw my little niece with this hair do. And it is super easy to do ....all you have to do is part your hair from middle and make ponytails on both sides . Now roll each ponytail around its base like bun . Crunch it with a rubber / u- shaped pins ...whatever is comfy and you are good to go . Well , what I am wearing here is a dress created by yours truly. Yeah ! I designed this beautiful blue kaftan . I love kaftans , they are relaxed yet super stylish and  i have one for every occasion . Simple and sophisticated ,they suit my body type. Earlier , kaftan were used as mere coverup on your beach wear but now they are in ' vogue' big time. The key is to accessorize smartly ... -when wearing an embellished kaftan , keep accessories to the minimum.  -use chunky /statement jewellery to highlight a plain or monotone kaftan. - wear Stil

Trend alert - Denim skirt

A trend which is making it's way back in our wardrobes with  aplomb is the denim skirt. And I am more than happy . Denims is quintessentially the most loved and worn piece of garment , across the globe. It has a young , peppy, cool feel to it. It got lost somewhere in the vast array of dresses , maxis, skirts but now it is a huge trend . Designer from Paris to Milan are experimenting with it . It is a must - have item in your closet for spring summer 2015. Denim skirt can be - paired with a cool tee , sneakers and a sling bag for the cool comfy look. - wear a lace blouse and gladiators for chic look . - team it up with a shirt and heels and you are good to go clubbing. - can also pair it with crop top and wedges for a date / lunch with friends. - you can experiment with the length as well keeping up with your comfort level. But knee length is the most preferred and it suits almost everyone. - denims look especially 'cool' when paired with whites....a com

How to wear prints on prints

Prints are the latest fad globally . Many of you must have seen this trend  on ramp all across but girls are embracing it with much love in their wardrobe too. Personally I am not a great fan of prints except for the quirky ones.    But being a fashion blogger , you have to be one up . So I experimented it by wearing polka dots , stripes and checks , in monochrome. I absolutely love monochrome which you guys are aware of. The basic key to wearing prints on prints - - is to have at least one colour common in both your top and bottom. - the second colour could be either of the same family like dark or lighter  or should be in stark  Contrast. - the patterns of both the top and bottom should complement each other. -use the same pattern in large and small. - same print in bold contrasting - you could choose pre mixed print . - use a belt to break the monotony. - if in doubt, wear polka dots and stripes...they work every time.   Add  bold accessor


What if Cinderella was ugly yet kind , virtuous and courageous and her step sisters beautiful yet ruthless and mean . Who would the prince choose? #Cinderellawithatwist           " Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Yes , beauty is very subjective . What I  may find beautiful , may not appear attractive to you and vice versa . P . S -  Ugly is too derogatory a term to be used for a person. So , I would replace it with 'not appealing or attractive'  to the prince. Cinderella has been one of my favourite fairy tale of all times. I have read it many times and even watched the movie  and I don't remember her being described as a ' moon lit ' beauty. It's  her other virtues which are highlighted - being a kind hearted , compassionate soul. Even if she was un attractive , I don't think it mattered to the Prince. The Prince was a well read , intelligent and a mature man. When Cinderella leaves the Ball in hurry leaving her 'glass slipp

Love , unconditionally

This post is in relation to a topic - what if one day your son/ daughter announces he/she is a gay and how would you react to it. # loveislove. I took the liberty of saying it in a fictional form as a story but I wholly endorse the views of the mother.                                                           Love ,  Unconditionally  It was around 11' o clock at night and I am relaxing in my cosy bed , reading Elif Shafak's  -" Forty rules of love" , being  transported into another world - of love , poetry and dreams. My eyes are droopy and ready for 8 hrs of beauty siesta when there's a quaint knock on the door. I look up only to find my handsome heart monster, my sonny boy , standing . He is not his usual chirpy effervescent self. He wants to talk to me , privately ,just the two of us. I am worried but putting a brave facade , asks him if all is well? Mom , I need to talk to you.....I have a confession to make, he says softly. Confession ....... Thousan

Curvy-shurvy: Happy girls are the prettiest

Curvy-shurvy: Happy girls are the prettiest :                                 Audrey Hepburn once said " happy girls are the prettiest". And yes , it is true in every sense...

Happy girls are the prettiest

                                Audrey Hepburn once said " happy girls are the prettiest". And yes , it is true in every may be wondering why I am being so philosophical today. Well , I keep getting mails and messages as to how come I am so confident even after being voluptuous and curvy . Day before , a message came on my blogpost , which said I should follow a certain blog if I was worried about my increasing weight. Hmmm, all i would like to say - thanks a lot for being concerned .  My confidence comes from the fact that I am content with my body and am in a happy space. I embrace it with all my love . No, I am not supporting unhealthy living .....I am a firm believer in being fit and leading a healthy life. I , do not drink or smoke , am a vegetarian , practice yoga , exercise and eat healthy ( most of the times). I love my body unconditionally , inspite of the flaws , as it is responsible for letting me bring two beautiful babies in this world. Being

Curvy-shurvy: Pastel punch!!!!

Curvy-shurvy: Pastel punch!!!!

Making that perfect black forest cake!!!

Heya! I love cakes and bakes(anything baked)and always wanted to master the "art of perfect baking",but just could not somehow. I am not very sure for the reason,whether lack of time or motivation or a combination of both. But as you are aware, I was pretty much relaxing at mom's place(my haven)for last couple of weeks and there I randomly told mom that I would like to bake a cake.My li'l niece, all of 5 years, was so excited by the thought of 'bhua' making the cake that I had to "do it" for her. And there was no going back now. Baking was nothing new to me and I was once an 'avid baker' or so,I would like to believe. So,apprehensively I started...... ........and when after half an hour of working(preparation + baking),I very nervously(more nervous than giving viva or awaiting results as the 'judges' here were the little kids, who look upto you) took the tin out. And , voila! Came a perfectly baked chocolate cake. K