Thursday, July 9, 2015

Love , unconditionally

This post is in relation to a topic - what if one day your son/ daughter announces he/she is a gay and how would you react to it. # loveislove.
I took the liberty of saying it in a fictional form as a story but I wholly endorse the views of the mother.

                                                          Love , Unconditionally 

It was around 11' o clock at night and I am relaxing in my cosy bed , reading Elif Shafak's  -" Forty rules of love" , being  transported into another world - of love , poetry and dreams. My eyes are droopy and ready for 8 hrs of beauty siesta when there's a quaint knock on the door. I look up only to find my handsome heart monster, my sonny boy , standing . He is not his usual chirpy effervescent self. He wants to talk to me , privately ,just the two of us. I am worried but putting a brave facade , asks him if all is well? Mom , I need to talk to you.....I have a confession to make, he says softly. Confession .......

Thousands of thoughts cross my mind in a jiffy.....what would it be.....puzzled , I am looking at his face. His expressions change.....from frightful and scared , he looks worried now. How will his adorable mom take the news that he is about to give her..........

    Mom, you please sit.....have a glass of water , he runs to grap the glass from the nightstand and passes it . Instead, I hold his hand , keeping the glass down. I look at him , in eye.....Mom, his voice almost trembling, I am.....( he stops).......what ....I ask ? almost panicked .

He gets up and walks to the window, turns ,looks at me......." I am a" . Have I heard it right?  He steals a glance from the corner of his eye... I am stunned....

  I don't know what to say, I go numb. How could my child be 'that'....he was sensitive, intelligent ,compassionate , a topper throughout.....studying in a top university in the U.S.....was there some problem with my upbringing ? How could I go so horribly wrong?  What if everyone comes to know tomorrow ? How will they react? Will they make fun of my baby? Tears came rolling down...
Meanwhile, my little man had his gaze fixed on 'mom' , silently.

Could I make him change his mind, his choice.....after all he was a mama's boy. I could take a promise from him, making him swear on me, to not indulge in 'such things '. I knew he would bow down, he loved me so much....., couldn't he be thinking on the same loves me too much , to dissent. I had got my unconditionally ....this was the golden rule , I had lived by all my life. When I took my little one in my arms, for the first time I vowed to love, care and protect him. He has confided in me , knowing his mother loves him unconditionally and would understand. Now, it was my turn.
After all , aren't parent like the solid ' Rock of Gibraltor' you could fall back on, supporting you , always. My son has made a choice, I will stand by it no matter what. His happiness means the world to me.

Mom! Don't cry , whispered my baby....I hugged him, tightly. Mom , mom....was all he could say...I love you , dear!  I am with you...I  replied...He hugged me even tighter, tears dropping .

Love is the foundation of life. Love is pure and pristine. Love unconditionallyEven Elif Shafak says in  'forty rules of love' - " Love will find will find it in the most unusual places".
Love is love , no matter what.

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