Happy girls are the prettiest

                                Audrey Hepburn once said " happy girls are the prettiest".

And yes , it is true in every sense.....you may be wondering why I am being so philosophical today. Well , I keep getting mails and messages as to how come I am so confident even after being voluptuous and curvy . Day before , a message came on my blogpost , which said I should follow a certain blog if I was worried about my increasing weight. Hmmm, all i would like to say - thanks a lot for being concerned .

 My confidence comes from the fact that I am content with my body and am in a happy space. I embrace it with all my love . No, I am not supporting unhealthy living .....I am a firm believer in being fit and leading a healthy life. I , do not drink or smoke , am a vegetarian , practice yoga , exercise and eat healthy ( most of the times). I love my body unconditionally , inspite of the flaws , as it is responsible for letting me bring two beautiful babies in this world. Being a mother transforms your body , mind and soul...

         Let me tell you something , a person who is a few pounds extra is generally the first one to notice it and has even tried losing it ( and failed) . You don't have to remind him/ her every time and every where. This weight tamasha is gaining so much momentum these days. You enter a party and there is alway a 'someone' to tell you , how much weight you have gained / lost.

    A couple of years back, I went to a party wearing a pink organdy ( cotton which is heavily starched to keep the fabric stiff ) saree , my cousin complemented me and then said " mom never allows me wear cotton Sarees, if you can look so good in it , even i can carry it well ". I retorted back " what's stopping you and why isn't aunty allowing you"? I was dumbstruck when I heard what she had to say,......"no one is going to marry you , if you look like a pig in a cotton tent" her mom would always say, pointing to her weight which was just a couple of kilos on the higher side. Of course ! In our country , a girl has to be "fair and lovely " (read - tall ,thin etc) to get married.

There are so many other attributes which are important other than vanity....being sensitive , respectful, compassionate.....

When I started this blog , I very well knew I may have to deal with such topics.....then too I went ahead . The first step is acknowledgement and  next is acceptance . Yes ! I have embraced my body with all it's flaws....it's imperfections . It's mine and I love it .Don't  feel the need to be like 'someone' or to 'belong' somewhere . We all are different and that's the beauty of it .

 Yes ! I want to be fit and healthy but not because " I have to" but "I want to ".

                   Happy girls are the prettiest