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10 Products To A Younger You

10 Best Products That Will Make You Look Younger Women always want to look young and beautiful. Even after reaching 40’s they strive to make themselves look younger because they fear to see themselves getting aged. They rely on parlors, and a lot of anti-aging products that they think can help them in resolving their dilemma on getting older. A lot of products are available in the market that can help you in making you good and beautiful; that can hide your flaws to an extent. Here is a list of products that will make you look younger instantly. Check them out and start using now so that you will still look in your 20’s even after reaching even 40’s! Face Scrub Your face is likely to get a little of patches, wrinkles and other signs of aging while you cross your 30. These might ignite your concern about getting aged. Use face scrub once in three days to make sure that wrinkles and dead cells do not create a fuss on your face. Facial Mask Facial masks are good to tighten yo

Jaipur Lit Fest - An Introduction

As a child, I loved being surrounded by books. Unlike kids my age then, reading  was a passion with me, that was genetically transferred from my grandfather to my dad and then me. To be a part of this elite fest is a dream and I hope it comes true. The Jaipur Literature Festival is one of the most prominent festivals of India, ever since its inception in January 2006. This coveted Lit Fest is held every year in the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The stately premises of Diggi Palace are opened for this multi dimensional event annually. It is a 5 day event, where literary giants from all over the world come together under a single roof. The very essence of this event is to embrace freedom of expression and a difference in viewpoint.  It is a melting pot of varied thoughts and ideas. Apart from eminent authors and writers, an array of musicians, journalists, players and film personalities could be spotted doing "Chai pe Charcha". How would it be, to meet your icon and

Traditional Indian Ceremonies For Mom And Baby

India is a land of traditions and customs, culture and values, and we have a celebration for every occasion.  Pregnancy and child birth are considered as sacred occasions. There are numerous celebrations across the country pertaining to the birth of the child.  A few of them are :      Godh Bharai of Aishwarya  Rai Godh Bharai - This is a traditional ceremony of north India, which is celebrated in the 7th month of pregnancy. The mom-to-be is showered with love, blessings and lots of gifts. Likewise, we have Valakaapu (Tamil Hindus) and Seemandham (south Indian hindus). Bengal, Maharashtra and Gujrat also have their versions of Godh Bharai. Chhathi - This ceremony is performed when the baby is six days old. This ceremony is for women of the house and takes place in the night. The elders remain awake throughout the night and sing songs seeking blessing for the newborn. Naamkaran - Also called the naming ceremony. According to Hindu mythology, the naamkaran for the newborn t


Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material to stimulate an individual immune system to develop adaptive immunity to a pathogen. Though, it's difficult to see your little bundle of joy get pricked, vaccinations are vital to a child's health. Due to these vaccines, your child's less likely to get infected by dreaded diseases like  whooping cough, meningitis, measles, mumps, polio, hepatitis or pneumococcal diseases. Vaccines are made of the weaker versions of the bacteria or virus of that particular disease. When these altered viruses/ bacteria are injected, the immune system stimulates the body to produce antibodies. The basic list of immunization which every child must get is below : Immunization chart There could be some common side effects of a vaccine - - pain, swelling or redness on the injection site - mild fever - fatigue - muscle pain It is mandatory to get our child vaccinated. Check with your pediatrician and schedule it


Teething is a process by which an infant's first teeth ( usually in pairs) appear through the gums. Teething may start as early as six months or as late as ten months. Generally, the first ten teeth appear between six to nine months. picture 1 The first teeth tend to appear in pairs. The general pattern is as follows : Lower central incisors (2) at approx. 6 months Upper central incisors (2) at approx.  8 months Upper lateral incisors  (2) at approx.  10 months Lower lateral incisors  (2) at approx.  10 months First molars                  (4) at approx.  14 months Canines                         (4) at approx.  18 months Second molars.              (4) at approx.  2-3 years Some common symptoms during teething are drooling, irritability, swollen gums and mild fever. The symptoms appear a few days before the eruption of a tooth and disappear soon after. Before treating a baby for teething, it is always advisable to know the cause of discomfort. Rubbing a finger alo

Weaning - When And How

Weaning is the process of introducing an infant to food and withdrawing the supply of mother's milk. How and when to wean an infant is often a matter of debate. Most Medical Institutions and authorities recommend exclusive breast feeding a baby for the first six months of its life. pic However in today's time and age, when most women are working breast feeding is a challenge. A baby is considered to be weaned, when he stops nursing and gets all his nutrition from sources other than breasts. Generally, weaning is a long process and you are the best judge to decide when you want to wean your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mothers breast feeds for at least a year and even encourages to breastfeed longer if you want to.  In my case, I breastfeeded both my kids till they were 2.5 years of age. When I tell this, most mothers look in amusement and their mother-in-laws in admiration. Has this ever happened to you? Well, start slowly regardless o

Breast feeding

Breast  milk provides the ideal nutrition for babies. It has a perfect mix of protein, fat and vitamin and is a complete food in itself. Medical authorities strongly recommend exclusive breast feeding for first six months for a baby. Breast feeding has immense benefits for the baby and the mother. It contains antibodies that help develop immunity and fights various bacteria and viruses. Breast feeding lowers your babies risk of having allergies, respiratory diseases, asthma and diarrhea.         Breast feeding has also been linked to higher IQ at later age, though it may or may not be true. But, breast feeding helps in forming a bond between the mother and the baby. It helps your baby feel secure and  works as touch therapy. Breast feeding also reduces 'Sudden infant death syndrome' and also lowers risks of fatal diseases like cancer as well. Breast feeding has numerous positives for the mother as well. It releases the hormone Oxytocin, which helps your uterus to re

Food And Nutrition - We Are What We Eat

Food and nutrition go hand in hand. Simply defined, food is anything we eat and drink, which provides energy and help our body grow. Nutrition is the process in which you consume food, digest and absorb them for growth and health. Most food contain a mix of nutrient types and a healthy diet should include these.  There are seven major types of nutrients :  1. Carbohydrates - our main sources of energy, like Whole grains, fruits, honey.  2.  Fats - our source of energy as well as important in relation to fat soluble vitamins. Some example  of healthy fats are avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, monosaturated oils like olive oil and canola oil.     3.  Proteins - essential for growth and repair, like eggs, fish, meat.  4. Minerals - necessary for normal functions, though required in traces, for example potassium,       sodium, iodine etc. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources.  5. Vitamins - play an important role in the chemical processes in the body. Fruits and vegetabl

Pregnancy diet - what to eat

During pregnancy, the baby's nourishment comes from the food the mother eats. So, it is recommended that the mom-to-be chooses a variety of foods to provide the important nutrients a baby needs for growth and development. A pregnant women needs more nutrients than others so as to fulfill requirements of a growing baby. Though, eating for two is a are required to eat just a little more than your usual, not double. The pregnancy diet should include these - Folic Acid Folic acid or Folate prevents any birth defects  in the baby's spine and brain. It is difficult to get the recommended amount from diet alone, so supplements are needed. The required amount of Folic acid during pregnancy is about 600 mg/day. The main natural source of folate are leafy green vegetables. Calcium Calcium is the required to build bones and teeth of a baby. A pregnant women needs about 1000 mg of calcium a day. The main source of calcium are milk, yogurt, cheese, fish. Iron

Fashionistas And Faux Pas

Isn't the title of the post too vague?? What is she trying to convey? Why is she behaving like a dumb bimbo?           Was this your first reaction? ........... Yes ! Then you are in the queue, coz you are not alone. Truly,  How can a fashionista ever commit a Faux-pas? And, if she has, then she isn't one.                     You are absolutely right with your logic. But you need to know one thing, that no one is born stylish. Style is an ever evolving phenomenon. As we grow, we learn so many new things about ourself and in general. In this process of self discovery, your very own personal style evolves, slowly. Isn't it!  Yes! I can imagine you nodding in affirmation ..........haahaa. 1. What was I thinking ??? -  Does this thought ever cross your mind, when you are surfing through your old pictures ( some may be just a couple of years old ).  I always took great pride in being a style icon for my family and friends. Every one asked for my advice when there was a sp

Home Pregnancy Test

Did you ever imagine, the power of two coloured parallel it opens a world of hope and happiness, excitement and ecstasy.  Yes! Two pink/purple lines have magical Potency, the ability to make you joyous and blithe. Hey! Don't get confused ! I am referring to the lines appearing on pregnancy test strip, if the test is positive. A home pregnancy test  is based on the presence of HCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin) in the urine. It can be detected in the urine after 6 - 14 days of fertilization. Generally, the levels of HCG rise rapidly after implantation. Most home pregnancy test are sensitive to the presence of HCG in urine, even on the first day of missed periods. However, testing early may not give the most accurate result. At times, the test may be negative. If your periods are irregular, wait for a few more days before conducting a second pregnancy test. Sometimes, the amounts of HCG may not have yet reached the level, where it could be detected. Als

How to look slim during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful time in a life of a women. You glow as a result of your inner happiness. You are excited, to be carrying your "little bundle of joy" inside you. It is sheer bliss and joy.....         But a lot of women are anxious about their growing bellies. Yes, you get bigger by day and gain a considerable amount of weight. A lot of women complain, they "have nothing to wear" or they "look like a sac". Remember ! Pregnancy is not a disease and it will last for only nine months. You can look as stylish and gorgeous, as you are by Keeping these simple tips in mind -  1. Don't wear oversized clothes : wearing big clothes to hide your pregnant belly is passé, flaunt your new curves. Oversized clothes makes you look bigger than you are.  2. Monotones : Wearing contrasting colours as top and bottom, visually cuts your body into two, making you look shorter than you are. Instead, opt for monotones, that is the  top and the