Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Pink Ribbon

October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and the PINK RIBBON is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women across the world. It is a malignant tumor originating in the cells of the breasts. Cancer develops when cells grow and multiply abnormally. Though breast cancer generally occurs in females, 1% male population is also susceptible to the disease.

Signs to look out for:
- a lump / thickening of the breast
- a change in shape or colour of the breast
- discharge from the nipple ( blood/ clear )
- dimpling or puckering of the skin of the breast
- changes in size or shape of the breast
- abnormal and persist pain

- hereditary
- increasing age
- obesity
- excess alcohol consumption
These could be some of the causes.

These are some small yet important things one could do to reduce the chances of getting the disease.
- reduce alcohol intake
- maintain a healthy weight
- stay active
- get a mammogram done once a year after 40
- do a self examination once a month atleast

This is a curable disease and the prognosis is good. The treatment depends on the stages of the disease. Early detection has a huge advantage.

I pledge to spread awareness on BREAST CANCER and do my bit. Wear pink this October...


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure

Hi People !!!
I feel blessed to be born in this part of the country, Delhi, so amazingly rich in its culture and heritage. Delhi has always been the power center, and the influences of the various rulers had a deep imprint on it, Be it the Rajputs, Khilji's, Mughals or British. Being an avid history buff, I love visiting places of historical significance.

And as a mother to young children, I feel it's my duty to teach them to love and value our culture. To make them aware of our dynamic heritage and to take pride in our glorious history.

So, after her exams got over, my daughter made an impromptu plan, to visit the Qutab complex. And I was all game. What a wonderful idea to incorporate fashion with history! I wondered. I wanted to wear something which was stylish, comfortable and not an OTT (over the top) kinda.

I wore a long slit top from The Pretty Girlz  Korner, which is a Delhi based company retailing through some big e- com stores. They had sent me an array of Tops and dresses, which I must confess, I really liked. Very comfortable, chic and well priced. I will be wearing a lot of stuff from them in coming days....

This post in in collabration with THE PRETTY GIRLZ KORNER.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Celebs Dietary Fads !!!!

All of us aim to have that perfect body, lean and chiselled, and try all sorts of fads to achieve it. Our celebrities are no different, they go all out and sometimes berserk  to get that killer bod....all this is much more in vogue in the west. Though, these diet are generally based on the principal on detoxing and suppressing the appetite, they should not be followed without guidance and supervision.

Apple cider vinegar diet

Cindy Crawford and Megan fox are famous patrons of this form of diet to keep their body super thin. A concoction of water and apple cider vinegar is taken before meals. Apple cider vinegar is known to increase metabolism.

Maple Syrup Diet

Beyonce is the celebrity endorser of this diet. The curvy superstar lost almost a stone  of weight in just 2 weeks. This drink consist of maple syrup, lemon and cayenne pepper mixed in water. It is about 60 calories. Beyonce drank only this concoction for a fortnight during the shooting of  Dream Girls.

Grapefruit oil

Jlo is addicted to sniffing  grapefruit oil to suppress her appetite. Theoretically , essential oils  are known to have powerful action on the mind.

Lemon water

This is the most common and almost all celebs , desi and Videshi, swear by it. Lime water is taken first thing in the morning, it cleanses the system and boosts vitamin c levels in the body .This is a great detox agent also.

Marigold concoction 

Amrita Rao is known to subscribe to this drink. Marigold leaves are mixed with water and certain herbs and taken first thing in the morning.

I, personally, don't know if any of these concoction work to reduce weight and fat...all I know is nothing can replace a dedicated workouts and a sensible eating combo. This, not just helps you loose weight and tone your muscles but goes a long way in making you healthy and free of ailments.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Orange October !

Helloo all !
 How are you doing ??
It's October now, hence the onset of autumn. And you see a lovely burnt sienna kinda hue all around.

It is my favourite time of the year, the weather is pleasant, the spirits high and happiness galore. October, generally marks the beginning of festivities, with the Navratri...the nine days dedicated to nine forms of Godess Shakti. Also, worth mentioning are the fun Dandiya nights, where you dance to the loud, enthralling, fascinating beats. I have been invited to a dozen Dandiya parties...No, I am not kidding! And, I will be attending at least 3 of them. What are your plans ???  Let me know, I am all ears .....

      So, what will I be wearing??  Surprise surprise !!!  Of course! Will let you guys know. But, I thought of putting up an outfit post  from the recent party, I attended. The theme of the event was "Chic with a boho twist"  and it was a day event. I wore an orange jumpsuit, with a black jacket, and a lovely printed scarf as a head band adding  depth to the boho look. I kept my look very minimal and just added a headband for the boho inspiration. Here, are a few pics, have a look.

Give in your suggestions for the festival outfits , you want me to wear. Till then, be happy and remember to 

Friday, October 9, 2015

10 reasons to love Olive Oil

So wassup, guys!!! How are you doing? Me, I am good.

These days wherever I go, one topic literally crops up everywhere....Olive Oil. I guess, it's a current favorite with everyone. No discussion is complete without the mention of it. The old wives tale goes on to say  that it's a blessing from heaven to the mankind. And, why not ?  It has been used since time immemorial, for health and beauty purpose. Olive is a native of the Mediterranean. It forms an integral part of the mediterranean cuisine. It is also used extensively for cosmetic purpose. Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, was a great patron of olive oil. This  beautiful fruit has unrivaled health and cosmetic benefits.

1. It is a great cooking medium and comes in various forms like olive oil, virgin ,extra virgin, cold pressed etc.
2. It has linolinic acid which is not produced by the body but is essential for hydration.

3. It is a great anti aging agent and is an abundant source of anti oxidants.

4. This golden liquid works wonders on scars especially stretch marks. Regular massaging helps lighten the marks.

5. Is a great anti frizz agent . It could be massaged on your hair 30 minutes prior to washing for amazing results. Works wonders when combined with honey and applied on hair. Makes your locks luscious and amazingly soft.

6. Mix it with sugar and you have a great face and body scrub.

7. It could be used as a massaging oil to help you relax as well as to removing the suntan

8. It works wonders for dry scaly skin, prone to eczema.

9. It makes a great make up cleanser.

10.  Taking a sip or two just before bedtime could help in clearing throat.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

You are Beautiful

Hey! My lovely peeps ! How are you guys doing?

Today, the post that I am putting up on the blog is my favourite. I had written it for another blog of mine, long back. It had received great appreciation, So, I thought of putting it up for you guys to have a look at it.

This post sums up the essence of the blog beautifully. Khoobsoorat  - You are Beautiful !!!

Here it is -

As , I embark on this journey of starting my blog , what better way than this beautiful and awe- inspiring  video,  I came across a couple of days back.

               In this video , an artist sketches two illustrations of each women based on the input given by herself and a stranger. Then, these women are called to have a "dekkho" at both sketches hanging side by side and you would be surprised ......


              The picture where the women described herself was way different than how the stranger perceived her. And ironically , she too resembled the sketch based on the inputs of the unknown. 

When all these women talk about themselves, they all highlight their "so called flaws", whereas the other person does not even notices that. Isn't it so uncanny?  And it wasn't with one or two of the women but all. 

This tells us so much about our we "see" ourselves . How we Just look so down upon ourselves, how we are so self critical, have such low self esteem! It's such a dangerous trend, if there's any.

   No matter , how big , small , tall , short , dark or fair each one is , all of us are beautiful , unique and admirable in our own ways. Be confident and self-assured but not self absorbed .

            The very reason behind starting this blog is to tell all - young and not-so-young that "all of you are special in your own individual ways". Imagine, if all of us had the same complexion , height , weight and features , how would the world look ? It is our uniqueness and diversity , which makes the world beautiful .

                              WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL IN OUR OWN UNIQUE WAYS

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