Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lets enjoy - Thodi Tafree Ho Jaaye

Tafree literally means " enjoying to the fullest ". Cafe Tafree is in sync with its name. This is a lively done up cafe located very conveniently in the Inner circle, Connaught place. This is a multi cusine food joint spread across two levels including a terrace. What better than a pleasant winter afternoon to relish a meal under the sun! 

I went there along with my foodie friends and enjoyed some nice food along with great conversations.

The things I particularly liked are- Virgin Mojito which was fresh and tangy,  followed by a Kitkat shake which was equally good.

 Paneer tikka was nicely marinated and succulent. Palak patta chat was nice and crispy and indeed a very healthy alternative to papdi chaat which we crave so often.  The oriental combo of noodles and chilli paneer in garlic sauce was good. Biryani deserves a special mention as it was full of flavours and aroma.

My non vegetarian friends relished on laal maas, kali mirch chicken tikka and mutton kebabs.

A  good meal should always be wrapped by some delectable desserts, isn't it? I savoured on the Tiramisu and blueberry cheesecake, which were super yumm!

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