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The Luncheon at The Janpath Grill House

Last Friday, I was invited to a food blogger's meet at the newly opened Barbeque joint, JANPATH GRILL HOUSE located in the heart of the city. As I reached the venue, a tricoloured  name plate greeted! And then there was a half auto as a help desk, which looked rather cute and quirky. Inside, the decor was simple yet tasteful. The restaurant is spread across two floors and has a laid back warm vibe to it. The highlight of the decor was a handpainted wall depiciting the essence of  "Saadi Dilli ". Have a look :) As we seated ourselves comfortably, we were served drinks - Gur ka sharbat, hajmola ka gola and aam ki shikanji. Well, all three had distinct taste but Aam ki shikanji had an edge over others. It was something I had not tasted before...neither it tasted like aam panna or any other mango drink nor like shikanji ( which is essentially a lime based drink). As is the concept with barbeque joints, there was a live grill on the table.

A Tangerine Sunday

Hi! Lovelies, How are you doing ? Yesterday, it rained a bit so it's pretty pleasant today. I remembered that I haven't done an outfit post in the longest time and Sunday being Sunday,  what better time than now..... I am wearing a tangerine maxi top to compliment the beautiful day along with my fave monochrome skirt. There's something about black & white's classy and always lends a beautiful aura to you. Paired it with wedges for the comfort factor and accessorised it with a silver tasselled neckpiece.. Credits pics - Mehak Rao Glares - Gucci Top - Skirt - wedges - charles & keith Neckpiece -

Food Facts - Calorie Chart 2

Hey! All,  After receiving lots of appreciation for the  First post  of the series, I am here with the second and last one. It has covered almost all the food items we generally eat. Did you know that 3 deep fried Poori's have lesser calories than 2 paranthas. No ! Not joking...                                                                         Kadhi Pakora .                                                                          Khichdi . CEREALS . PREPARATION COOKED COOKED CALORIES . WT.(G) MEASURE/NO. . Dalia(cracked wheat) 200 1 Cup 225 . Rice 200 1 Cup 222 . Khichri 200 1 Cup 430 . Pulao 300 2 Bowls 358 . Parantha 100 2 297 . Chappati 70 2 170 . Puri 75 3 240 .  Bhatura 36 1 154 . Potato parantha  90 1 213 . Wheat, all bran 28 1/2 Cup 95 . Doughnut 32 1 135 . Burger, chicken 1 275 . Burger, vegetable 1 125 . . DAL/ Pulses PREPARATION . PREPARATION COOKED WT.(G) COOKED MEASURE/NO. CALORIES . Bengal gram dal 125 1 Bowl 124 . Blac