Summer time is here; and as usual we all wait for the dreaded summer to pass away quickly. Being situated in a place like Northern India, we are fortunate (or rather unfortunate for some) that we experience the extremities of all weathers. Some of you might want to curse me; but I’m amongst the few who love the summer season. Not that I have the tolerance to bear the scorching heat, but I have always associated summer with the long, bright days, the positivity, the summer vacations, outings, and of course the mangoes…

Well, love it or hate it; but once again, the summers are back and this year it is expected to beat all previous records. So, we need to gear up to bear the intense heat.

Needless to say, we have to wear light coloured, loose fitted cotton clothes. Cotton allows the sweat to be evaporated from the body making you feel cool. Light colours reflect most of the heat and are also soothing to the eyes. These days, we have a huge variety of summer dresses, skirts, palazzos, etc to suit all body types. And yes, don’t forget to wear your hats and sunglasses while stepping out.

Wear loose cotton clothes 

Summers is also associated with a lot of stomach related problems like diarrhoea, dehydration, acidity, etc. Try and eat light and avoid eating pre-cut, uncovered food .It is always advisable to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Unseasonal foods have a risk of being treated with chemicals and preservatives; thereby making them harmful to consume. Nature also has its own way of growing foods that are suitable for the particular season. Fruits like melon, water melon have a lot of water and keep us hydrated. We can also have apricots, kiwi, peaches, litchi, pineapple, mangoes etc. which are full of vitamins and minerals. Summer vegetables include cucumbers, tomatoes, brinjal, pumpkin, snake gourd and bottle gourd which have a lot of water content.

 Have Fresh veggies in abundance

Stock up on the goodness of fruits & juices                                                                        

Most importantly, we need to be hydrated. It is also important to drink water at regular intervals. Before stepping out,ensure that you are well hydrated as there is a lot of loss of water under the sun. Make a habit of carrying a water bottle wherever you go. Nimbu pani(lemonade), aam panna, bel sharbat, sweet/salted lassi, chaas( buttermilk), tender coconut water, jaljeera are only few of the delicacies that can be had in the summer heat. Aren’t our mouths drooling already????

Apart from these,we can try some innovative drinks in the form of combination of fruit juices, ice cream sodas, smoothies, etc. like watermelon juice, mango juice, sugarcane juice, melon and cucumber juice, mint lemonade, mango/strawberry smoothie, ice tea… Oh, the list is endless.

So, let’s be cool, safe, healthy and enjoy the sun.



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