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Food Facts - Calorie Chart 1

Mangoes are here and I am drooling....are you??? Of course!  There aren't two ways about it, we all love mangoes and excitedly wait for the beautiful golden fruit every year.  Want to have heart full of these beauties....but it comes with so much guilt. Phew😧  
How many calories does it contain? Should I eat one or none at all? This is not just restricted to mangoes but goes for bananas, chiku, cakes, pizza and the list is endless. So, here is the list of items and also the calories. Also, turns out people aren't even aware of measurements. much is one cup? Or what exactly is 1 teaspoon?  All your answers are here....In the two part series - Food Facts - calorie Chart 1 & 2

Measurements - 

1cup - 200 ml

1 bowl - 150 ml

1 glass - 250 ml

1 tablespoon - 15 gms 

1 teaspoon  - 5 gms

Calorie Chart Courtesy
.Food StuffAmountCalories
.Cow’s Milk1 cup135
.Soya Milk1 cup85
.Toned Milk1 cup90
.Double Toned Milk1 cup70
.Skimmed Milk1 cup60
.Cottage Cheese
.Cow’s Milk100g265
.Buffalo Milk100g292
.Yoghurt (Cow’s Milk)1 Bowl100
.Yoghurt (Toned Milk)1 Bowl70
.(double toned Milk)1 Bowl50
.Butter Milk1 cup30
.Cream light1 1/2 tbsp45
.Processed cheese1 Cube (25g)80
.Condensed Milk1/2 Cup228
.Powdered Milk1 tbsp70
.FruitsApple1 Medium (100g)60
.FruitsBanana1 Medium (100g)139
.FruitsCherries10 (70g)45
.FruitsDates (fried)10 (100g)317
.FruitsGrapes20 (100g)71
.FruitsGuava1 Medium (150g)75
.FruitsLouquat6 Large (150g)43
.FruitsMango1 small (100g)74
.FruitsMusk Mellon100g17
.FruitsOrange1 Medium (100g)72
.FruitsPeach1 Medium (100g)50
.FruitsPear1 Medium (100g)75
.FruitsPineapple (fresh)1 Splice (100g)46
.FruitsPlum1 small (75g)39
.FruitsPomegranate1 small (100g)65
.VegetablesBeet root100g43
.VegetablesBitter gaourd100g20
.VegetablesCarrot1 Medium (60g)29
.VegetablesCabbage1 Medium (300g)80
.VegetablesCapsicum1 Medium (100g)24
.VegetablesCauliflower1 Medium (500g)30
.VegetablesCoriander Leaves100g20
.VegetablesColocasia1 Medium (75g)72
.VegetablesCucumber1 Medium (150g)20
.VegetablesFenugreek leaves100g15
.VegetablesFrench Beans100g26
.VegetablesLady finger100g35
.VegetablesMint Leaves100g15
.VegetablesMustard leaves100g34
.VegetablesOnion1 Medium (50g)25
.VegetablesPotato1 Medium (60g)26
.VegetablesRadish1 Small (150g)120
.VegetablesSweet Potato100g120
.VegetablesTinda1 Small (50g)10
.VegetablesTomato1 Medium (60g)10
.OilsButter1 tsp36
.OilsGhee1 tsp45
.OilsMargarine1 tsp45
.OilsOil1 tsp45
.OilsOlive Oil1 tsp
.SugarWhite Sugar1 tsp20
.SugarHoney1 tsp15
.NutsAlmond10small (10g)65
.NutsCoconut (fresh)10g45
.NutsCoconut (dry)15g99
.NutsCashew Nut6 Medium (20g)120
.NutsPine nuts10g60
.NutsGound Nut20 (10g)60
.NutsPistachio10 (10g)65
.NutsWalnut4 Halves (10g)70
.TeaLow fat milk-1tsp1 Cup30
.Instant coffeeLow fat milk-2tsp1 Cup40
.Espresso coffeeLow fat milk-1/2tsp1 Cup55
.Mango shakeMango-50g1 Glass249
.Buffalo milk-150ml
.Fruit punchFresh juices1 Glass174
.Lemonade/MintadeMint leaves1 Glass40
.Panna (raw mango juice)Mango-50g1 Glass97
.Carrot juice1 Glass5
.Pineapple juice1 Glass110
.Rose water(Rooh Afza-3tsp)1 Glass150
.Soft drink300ml125
.Tender coconut water1 Glass24

This is the first part of the two part series and it will cover almost all the food items. In case, some item is left , feel free to write in comments below and i will get back.

                                                                   Much Love
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Ritu Taneja said...

Excellent info ruchi every woman wants to be fit and fine with less consumption of calories

Ritu Taneja said...

Excellent info ruchi every woman wants to be fit and fine with less consumption of calories

Ruchi Singh Rao said...

Thanks a lot! Ritu :)

Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Very helpful and healthy post.

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