Sunday, May 8, 2016

Simple Salads For Summer

A light, delicious and quick salad is the best way to get some additional nutrition to our body and increase vegetable consumption. Just have a few fresh veggies and a few dressings; and you are good to toss a healthy meal. The best part is that the ingredients and their quantity can be easily altered depending on the tastes and their availability.

Here are a few quick salad recipes. Most of the ingredients, you will find them in your kitchen or are easily available.

Broccoli & Pasta Salad

Ingredients :

1 cup broccoli, cut in small pieces

7-8 baby corns; cut in big chunks

1tsp chopped garlic

1 tbsp olive oil

2 cups penne/ fusilli pasta

Salt and pepper to taste

Method :

Blanch the broccoli in a pan of hot water for a few minutes. Drain well.

Boil the pasta until al dante. Run under cold water and drain well

Heat olive oil in a pan, add garlic and saute for 1 -2 minutes. Add the baby corn and the broccoli and saute for a minute. Add salt and pepper and remove from flame. Toss in the pasta and serve.

You can also add boiled and shredded chicken to the salad if you like.

Macaroni & Peanuts Salad

Ingredients :

 2 cup boiled macaroni                      

 ½  cup roasted peanuts

1 cup white sauce (2 tbsp. cornflour, 1 cup milk, 2 tbsp. butter)

1 tsp. vinegar

Salt to taste

3 sticks celery/ green coriander

Method :

For White Sauce

Melt butter, add corn flour. Light brown it and preferably switch off the gas. Slowly and gradually add milk and keep on stirring so that no lumps are formed. Again switch on the gas and add salt, pepper. Cook till it thickens.

For Salad:

Mix macaroni, peanuts, green coriander, vinegar, white sauce, salt and pepper. Chill the salad in the freezer and serve with tomato sauce.

Evergreen Veggies Salad

Ingredients :

2 carrots

½ red bell pepper

½ capsicum

½ yellow bell pepper

1 small cucumber

100gms. Tofu, cut in small pieces

Few leaves of lettuce

Salt, White or black pepper to taste

For Dressing :

3 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. lemon juice

1 tsp. dried Italian herbs

1 tsp chilli flakes

Method :

For Seasoning :

Mix the olive oil, lemon juice, Italian herbs and chilli flakes. Keep aside

For Salad:

 Cut all the vegetables in thin long slices. Mix the vegetables, seasoning, salt and pepper and serve.

Rajma Salad

Ingredients :

4-5 lettuce leaves

½ cup cooked rajma

½ cup grated carrots

½ cup chopped spring onions

½ cup diced tomatoes

1 lemon

A few raisins

Salt, pepper and dried oregano to taste

½ cup hung curd (Optional)

Method :

Wash the lettuce leaves thoroughly and pat dry. Mix all the vegetables and beans with oregano, salt, pepper and curd. Spoon the mixture on each lettuce leaf and add a few raisins on top. Squeeze a little lemon juice over it. Gently roll each leaf and fix with a toothpick.

You can also add boiled and shredded chicken to the mix if you like.



Mariyam A said...

Yummy salad recipes! The peanut and macaroni one sounds delicious :)

Ruchi Singh Rao said...

Thanks mariyam :)

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