Bad Hair Day - No Probs !

Imagine, you have to attend a hi-fashion event, a preview of A/W collection of a  famous High street label and you haven't washed your hair in 3 days. Your crowing glory is dull, limp, messy and greesy ......worried??? I am not.... Why....have a look at the pics and decide....

 Have a bad hair day??  Wear a Bandana, make a high ponytail, do a side braid, or a messy bun and you are sorted. Remember, nobody knows that your tresses needed a wash, everyone  who looks at you, thinks its your fashion statement.

                  So, alway WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE !!!!


Ananya said…
Love d way u styled this outfit.. So Chic !
My new Vlog is up-
One Jumpsuit= 12 Different Looks
Bhushavali said…
Interesting hair accessory... True, a bandana is all you need to deal with a bad hair day..
I invite you to enter a very quirky giveaway on my blog.
Fashion Panache Giveaway
devyani said…
I have been following your blog for some time the way you write effortless . Love how you styled the simple black dress . Kudos to you.
Ruchi Singh Rao said…
Dear ananya, many thanks for your appreciative comments.
You totally rocked in all the avatars in your jumpsuit. Love :)
Ruchi Singh Rao said…
Dear Bhusavali, thanks a lot dear for your kind words. Thank u for inviting me for giveaway ....surely take my
Ruchi Singh Rao said…
HeyvDevyani, I really appreciate the fact that you follow me whole heartedly ....thank u )
Shafali said…
Hi.. Dear! Even with such hair, One can look so cool.. Amazing! Thanks!

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