In love with my threadcasa pouch

Sometimes, you get a small little gift, which becomes a prized possession, you don't want to part with..... Has it ever happened to you?

 Well, as I had told you earlier, there is a lot happening, on my blogging front.....I became a part of TWC. It is a community of travel wizards, new and old, having the common passion for wandering and living life exploring our exotic planet. We had our first meeting on a beautiful rainy day, in the last week of July. There, among other gifts, was this small little pouch that stole my heart, the moment I set my eyes on it.

 I am a great admirer of Indian textiles and crafts and this pouch was a great example of how you can incorporate Indian stuff in a contemporary style. It is made of cotton, in ikat print and has some subtle thread work on it. It is a utilitarian stuff and can be used on a daily basis to keep your mobile and petty cash, especially when you run errands or go on your morning walks. I donned it for a brunch that I attended with my besties....

You can find the products on Here


Unknown said…
Love your look babe:)
devyani said…
U look superb and I love your styling. Would you like to be my personal shopper and help me with my trousseau shopping? Awaiting a positive reply.
Ruchi Singh Rao said…
Devyani, thank u for loving my styling ....u could shoot me a mail at and we could talk regarding it. Love u babe :)

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