Sunday, July 2, 2017

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

Is there anything I didn't like about this place? Absolutely nothing! I love everything about this place - the decor, ambience, location and above all the food. If I say, that this place indeed surprised me, wouldn't be an exaggeration. Yes! I went there with minimal expections as I had been to quite some places that claimed to bring authentic taste of a particular region and the claims fell flat when the food was tasted but not at YETI - The Himalayan Kitchen. It really serves the authentic cuisine of the Himalayan Kingdom. Each and every dish served here simply 'WOW'. They have kept it simple and organic- no rich creamy gravies and all, this is clean food 

What I ate and loved -

                                 Veg momos - Who doesn't crave for a plate of momos in the rains?

             Aloo momos - This is a must try. Aloo is stuffed in a dumpling and served with a dip. It's super yumm!

        Mushroom in black bean sauce - I am not very fond of mushroom but this dish was tasty especially the              sauce

                  Veg platter was a total had black chana, aloo and waiwai with steamed bread 

         Veg thakali thali - A paneer preparation aloo, rai ka saag,daal is served with a steamed bread. It is              wholesome, delicious and comforting. Simple yet flavourful.

     Yomari -  I have a major sweet tooth and loved digging my teeth into nutella filled dumplings with icecream.

     What an end to the scrumptious lunch. Highly recommended.

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