Thursday, June 18, 2015

Traditional Treasures In Contemporary Fashion

Hey! In today's world , when there's an acute shortage of time , all of us have shifted to western wear . It's not confined to casual , gym or work wear any more. Most of us has started opting for the modern silhouette even for weddings , receptions , engagement parties ,to even baby showers. Of course , they are easy to manoeuvre  ( hahaha ). Most of the ethnic wear are heavy , cumbersome and functionally restrict the Wearer. Traditional outfits though look ethereally gorgeous. I , personally love traditional clothes and have a really huge collection of Sarees and lehangas and wear them often. But a lot of my friends are wary of ghaghras and Sarees so I thought of giving a contemporary twist to my ethical wear to create a functional as well as beautiful outfit.
     I am wearing a traditional Bengali Saree over a pair of leggings and a crop top. As it is scorching summers , I choose a muted and subtle shade of off-white with dull gold woven in the fabric. I opted for an off-white leggings over any other hue as it would not ofset the Saree and create evenness. For the blouse , my pick was a bright yellow boxy crop top.I paired it up with mint pumps which brought a lot of freshness along . I added a rainbow necklace and voila! My look was complete. Here are a few pics :

1 comment:

aalia rao said...

Such an easy ,stylish ,and comfy way to wear a saree....cheers girl .

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