Thursday, November 24, 2016

Boombox Brewstreet - A Review

Last week, I happened to visit this beautiful place nestled in sec 29, Gurgaon aptly named the ' Boombox Brewstreet '. Boombox is a large portable radio & cassette player which produced a very powerful sound. The decor is musically inspired and rightly so. 

The restaurant serves fusion cuisine, has a large bar and a microbrewery. It has a very casual laid back vibe to it. This is like one of those places where you would love relaxing with friends  over drinks after a hectic day.

What I ate ... firstly we were served a bite sized serving of dahi bhalla which was tangy and sets the tone for the dishes to come.

The chemical brothers - it is essentially a nitrogen treated bhel puri 

Paneer Butter and Jam- It had  deepfried paneer dumpling coated with bread  & served with a hint of jam which tasted awesome... A must try.

Main toh raaste se ja raha tha - the golgappas. nice and crispy.

Punjab se lekar Delhi via Spain - Rajma chawal balls served with sabudana papad. A sureshot winner.

I had a virgin Mojito, which is my all time favourite, it was pretty refreshing and a Summer Tyme, which is a vodka based drink served in a pineapple shaped vessel.

So, head over to this quirky place to let you hair down with some amazing drinks and food.

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