Thursday, April 6, 2017

Navratri Platter @ Punjab Grill Tappa


The Punjab Grill is synonymous with non vegetarian food and Punjab Grill Tappa is no different. But you will be surprised if I tell you that they serve the most amazing Navratri platter in the town. Yes! I went there on Monday and opted for the Navratri fare. 

I was served a Thandai which was quite refreshing and a pleasant change from the usual mocktails and drinks.

 A Fresh fruits bowl which had seasonal fruits 

and then the main platter. It consisted of Pumpkin Vegetable, Kuttu pooris, Arbi satay, Samak sushi, Sabudana pulav/ khichdi and Chicku shrikhand.

It wasn't just elaborate but also a refreshing change from the usual Navratri Platters available for someone like my hubby who fasts for all 7 days.

The food was mildly flavoured with the select spices and sendha salt. I especially liked the samak sushi which was different, flavourful and melt in the mouth 

 Arbi satay was delectable.

And the chicku shrikhand deserves a special mention.

Also, the staff was extremely courteous and hospitable.

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