Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5 Signs You Are In A Bad Marriage

Marriage is a very sacred institution on our side of the equator. A successful marriage requires lot of hard work and commitment. Problems in marriage are inevitable. But there are 5 big warning signs that will let you know if you are struck in a bad marriage or not.

No Respect for each other - Respect is a most important aspect of a happy marriage. If you respect each other, you will never cross that barrier, even during your most gruesome arguments. If you call each other by awful names and use derogatory langauge while fighting, think again!

  Voilent Behaviour - Any kind of violence is bad for a relationship. It may manifest itself as physical, mental, emotional, financial....

  No Sex - It is the first sign of a bad marriage, usually. Lack of physical affection like hugging or kissing is a huge black flag for your relationship. If you do not like getting phyisically intimate  or are having sex less than 10 times a year...see a marriage counsellor soon.

You resent each other - If being with your spouse in the same room make you jittery and all you want is get out as fast as you could...think again! It is the biggest warning signal that you are in a messy relationship.

Secret and Silences - If you and your partner keep secrets from each other, it dangerous for your marriage. A happy marriage is one where both the partners are able to share and are each other's friends. Also, if you are not communicating with each other and there are long spells of silences, there's a trouble in your paradise. 

Figure out the problem soon and work out before it's too late. 


Unknown said...

After reading ur blog I still feel ,it's difficult to find true love compromise is an integral element for sustainable relationship

Ruchi Singh Rao said...

Hi! Ritu, this article is about the signs of an unhappy and messy marriage. The foremost pillar of a happy marriage is mutual respect. Every relationship requires time, patience and compassion. Compromising is fine but not at the cost of self respect and dignity.

robinjack said...

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